Pastor Manning: Breitbart was murdered by Obama

Via Joe My God, enjoy some crazy babbling about conspiracy theories and legally-actionable slander about Barack Obama.

Something something Muslim, something something blah blah liberals are dumb, yadda yadda CIA, blah blah evidence that bin Laden isn’t dead blah Wikileaks blah, therefore Breitbart was murdered.


Pastor Manning: Breitbart was murdered by Obama

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    What’s the big deal? Like Ed says, Obama just has to declare anyone a terrorist in a secret council (I wonder if Elrond will be there?) and then order the CIA to take them out.

    It could be argued that Breitbart’s actions were a crime against the USA, and so Obama took the appropriate action.

    Conservatives should be thrilled that the president has that capability, since that’s the direction Bush was going anyways. Liberals should be horrified that one of their supposed “own” has made such a claim.

    Obama a far-left, commie liberal? Don’t make me laugh – he’s a Reagan “moderate”.

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    Good point, Micheal. Obama could’ve just put up a website that included a map to Breitbart’s house, marked with a gun sight icon, and the words “Here lives an anti-American terrorist, who works daily with Al-Queda to mandate Sharia law into our country.”

    Oh, wait – that only works for Republicans.

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    Mr.Kosta, #6: By the way, isn’t publicly accusing someone of murder wihout evidence a crime?

    From the Omniscient Source of All Internet Knowledge, Wikipedia:

    “The 1964 case New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, however, dramatically altered the nature of libel law in the United States by elevating the fault element for public officials to actual malice—that is, public figures could win a libel suit only if they could demonstrate the publisher’s ‘knowledge that the information was false’ or that the information was published “with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not”. Later Supreme Court cases dismissed the claim for libel and forbade libel claims for statements that are so ridiculous to be clearly not true, or that involve opinionated subjects such as one’s physical state of being.”

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    I see… so I guess this fall under the “batshit crazy” category and therefore it’s not libel.

    In Spain it doesn’t work that way. I remember in 2008, when Federico J. Losantos (he’s the Spaniard equivalent of Rush Limbaugh, more or less) recieved a 36k € fine for saying that Alberto R. Gallardón (then the mayor of Madrid, now Justice Minister, a right winger himself) actively obstructed the 11th of March 2008 subway bombings investigation, among a plethora of insults and the like.

    I felt a nice bout of Schadenfreude after that.

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    Wow,i was interested in what the Rev.Manning had to say on this issue and as I watched the video my eyes started to wander as they will at some of the contents on the page.I am by no means a neo-con or a “feminist” as the author describes his/herself (chuckle).But damn I feel like a Clorox bath is in order.If there is a God may he/she have mercy on this pathetic narcissistic psychotic race of sociopaths.

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