There are no dragons in space

I’ve got about a dozen maddening things I want to write about, almost no time in which to do any of it, and a fairly full day ahead of me today (as with yesterday). So, here. Something awesome instead. Valve (yes, Valve!) created an official Skyrim mod, available on Steam for the PC version. Wonder what happened to the Space Core after being sucked out into space at the end of Portal 2? Well, he’s apparently shielded enough to survive reentry… on another planet.

Says a bunch of unique stuff like “Archery? Hmm. Smithing? Hmm. Don’t need ’em. Go to space. Only skill you need.” Also, you can apparently use the Atronach Forge to build a unique helmet, and you can return him to space with the help of a giant.

Yes, seriously.

There are no dragons in space

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    No dragons in space? Obviously you’re not familiar with Cordwainer Smith’s short story “The Game of Rat and Dragon”. In it are Go-Captains, pinlighters, and dragons, except the companions see the dragons as rats suitable for killing.

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    Hmm, my earlier comment to the effect that the SpaceX Dragon capsule will be going to the ISS sometime in the fairly near future isn’t here! Must have failed to click “Submit”; trying again.

    Sorry, I’m a complete non-gamer. Except for recently getting hooked on Angry Birds.

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    ‘Tis, thanks for that reference. I hadn’t read “The Game of Rat and Dragon” in years; it was fun to re-read it.

    Not to harp on the question, but in light of the recent “Cats!” “No, dogs!” spat: Isn’t it curious how many science fiction and fantasy stories have cats as main or supporting characters, while dogs are pretty scarce if memory serves?

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    Cunning Pam,

    Cordwainer Smith* named C’Mell after one of his cats, Mel. D’Joan, the central figure in “The Dead Lady of Clown Town” is a dog derived underperson.

    I’ve always loved Smith’s use of language. Anyone who give stories names like “Alpha Ralpha Boulevard”, “Drunkboat”, and “Mother Hitton’s Littul Kittons” or name a character Mister and Owner Roderick Frederick Ronald Arnold William MacArthur McBan the Hundred and Fifty-first has an ear for English.

    *Real name Paul Linebarger. In 1942 he organized the first psychological warfare unit in the U.S. Army. Linebarger, who spoke fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, wanted to be sent to China but because he was blind in one eye his request was denied. However he was told to select someone to represent the psy-war organization. Linebarger wrote the requirements for the representative so narrowly that only he could fill them. As a result, he spent the rest of the war in China, where he learned to despise Chiang Kai-shek.

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