I’m Elmo And I Know It

Something that recently had me LMFAO — at least, closer to actually laughing my ass off than the original.

Though Mr. Noodle is very slightly less awesome a cameo than Ron Jeremy, at least this video pulls it out at the very end with the Jamie Foxx weird-smile moment from Nutcracker Mash.

Wait. Wait. I just watched it again and realized it had a misplaced apostrophe in the captions! Gah! Arglebargle! This can’not STAND!!!!

I’m Elmo And I Know It

8 thoughts on “I’m Elmo And I Know It

  1. 4

    Yeah unless all those looks belong to a kid, lots or misplaced apostrophes. If they do then there are other problems with a lack of verbs.

    Either way far more humorous than I thought it would be.

  2. F

    I liked the line about not wearing clothes immediately followed by a shot of a clothed Elmo. Also, the line about not seeing his feet was handily disproved as well.

    Overall, pretty nuts, but it could have used a little less “Kid’s look at these crayons”.

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