16-Bit Last Supper

Found via Reddit, and it made me LOL.

The Last Supper, starring video game characters

Quick, name ’em. Bet there’s one that’ll stump most of you!

16-Bit Last Supper

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    From left to right, best guesses without going to the intartubez (or, well, elsewhere to the intartubez, that is):

    Link, I think (see what I did there?)

    Mega Man, I think (not quite as catchy)

    No idea


    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Can’t help ya


    Pikachu, but not sure (pretty much lost the rhyme by this point)


    *helpless shrug*

    I got nuthin’

    Don’t know

    Haven’t a clue

    So how’d I do? Yeah, nevermind.

    Tetris ceiling is slick, though.

    Still learning,


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    Okay, here goes:

    Ash (from Pokemon VG?)
    Cloud (how could you miss that?)
    Princess Peach (duh)
    no idea
    Metroid (Sam)
    no idea
    no idea

    Background has Dr. Bean’s floating attack thingy, Megaman’s jet?, and I have no clue who the speedo is, or the ship.

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    The guy in the speedo would be from Chou Aniki.

    Would Cloud really qualify? the Playstation definitely wasnt 16 bit, and even in his blocky sprite form wouldnt qualify as a sprite.

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    Samus Aran
    Don’t know
    Cloud Strife (Seriously, not knowing that makes you a bad person)
    Princess Peach
    Don’t know
    Don’t know
    Denim Powell (I think)

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    Mr Kosta is right, that’s Ness, not Ash. He’s also in Super Smash Bros., along with most other Nintendo characters.

    Cloud doesn’t fit, and neither does Felyne of Monster Hunters, since they were never on a 16 bit console, but everyone else has (I think?).

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    The speedo guy in the window is probably from Cho Aniki.

    I think the guy in green that pikachu is sitting on is Icarus from the Kid Icarus games, but I may be wrong. And I think the guy between Samus and the Felyne is from one of the fire emblem games, but I don’t remember his name.

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    Zelda’s boyfriend, some blue guy, the guy from that new movies, some other guy, the bad guy from the pokemon movies, the girl Julia always is when she drives in Mario Cart (can’t think of her name), mario, pinkachu, some guy with green, some girl with a hockey suit on, some guy with a big belt across his chest, squirrel-o, and the last one on the right is from the Archie comc books, right?

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    After looking closer I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about the guy in green being Icarus. He looks really familiar to me, as if I’ve played the game, but I can’t recall

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    There’s a Nintendo DS on the left wall, and a Wii on the right, and I think an Atari cartridge on the back of the right wall? The table has a Pokeball, several Mario mushrooms and stars and turnips and such, a Zelda gem thingy, and I really want that to be the burger from Burger Time.

    (waves at Desert Son)

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    Continued possible spoilers!

    Cloud (how could you miss that?)
    Cloud Strife (Seriously, not knowing that makes you a bad person)

    I guess that makes me a bad person, then. I had to look up who Cloud Strife is.

    In my defense, the only one of the games in the subject post image that I have actually ever played is Super Mario Bros., on the video arcade console (tabletop style, not stand-up), circa 1986, in a Pizza Hut restaurant. The rest I had to guess at based on advertising and other media images for video games I have seen, or previous conversations I have had with nieces and nephews about video games that they have played.

    Still learning,


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    Given a second look, its a thoroughly console-centric display. There’s nothing (that wasn’t done as an arcade or console port) from the 16 bit era on the Amiga; no guybrush threepwood from monkey island, no robert foster from beneath a steel sky, no whatever-that-guy’s-name-originally-was from shadow of the beast, no grunts from cannon fodder, no hint of powermonger, populous or syndicate…

    Bah, simplistic console rubbish! </computer elitist>

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    Well, in my defense, Starfox’s ship does have name : Arwing. But I must admit, for an unknown reason, I kind of skipped the 16 bits era and went from 8 to 64.

    Could be Vic Viper but I’m not sure.

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    This is sad, because i have played video games since i was about 4 years old. I even grew up with a TI100 with which i use to program my own little games. I should know these… nevertheless

    From left to right
    Link (zelda)
    Mega Man (same)
    Ness (from earthbound, but he is also in super smash bros)
    Cloud (final fantasy 7)
    Sonic (same)
    Princess Peach (mario games)
    Mario himself
    Not sure, maybe a character from puzzle quest?
    No idea, maybe a character from guardian heroes?
    No idea again, are these three characters from sega only RPGs?
    Nope, can’t picture him.
    Ryu (street fighter)

    9/12 isn’t bad i suppose. 75% would get me a C in most classes.

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    I posted before i read the comments. I see now, to my chagrin, that i have failed to recognize samus from the metroid series of games. Considering the metroid franchise is one of my favorite of all time, my shame is now complete.

  15. 29

    Okay. Spoilers. Highlight to read.

    Left to right:
    Link, from Legend of Zelda series
    Ness, from Earthbound / Mother(JP) series
    Cloud Strife, from Final Fantasy VII (holding bag of Gil — in Judas’ position)
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Princess Peach, Super Mario series (in Mary Magdalene’s position)
    Mario, Super Mario series (in Jesus’ position)
    Pikachuu, Pokemon series
    Male hero from Dragon Quest 4 (dunno his name)
    Samus Aran sans helmet, Metroid series
    Denim Powell, Tactics Ogre
    Felyne fighter, Monster Hunter series
    Ryu, Street Fighter

    Outside the window:
    Vic Viper / Warp Rattler, Gradius (or Lord British, Salamander) w/ two Options
    TwinBee (which was first a coin-op arcade shooter game, by the way)
    Adon from Cho Aniki

    Pretty sure that should work. Hmm. We’ll see.

  16. 30

    Without reading comments, all lists from left to right.

    At the table: Link, Megaman, Ness, Cloud, Sonic, Princess Peach, Mario, Pikachu… bfuh? The guy in the green finny hat is a stumper. Something with dragons maybe. The guy who dies in Legend of Dragoon? Dragon Warrior? Bahamut Lagoon?… Samus Aran… oh holy cow the next guy looks familiar. Not Guy Cecil, not Ark, not Zidane, not Secret of Mana, not Secret of Evermore, not Lloyd Irving, GAH that bugs me. Could it possibly be Bowie?… wtf, armored squirrel… and of course Ryu.

    The powerups on the table are energy from Metroid, a Pokeball, a Super Mushroom, a Maxim Tomato, a star from Mario whose proper name I don’t recall, a hamburger (likely found in the trash, thank you Ness), an extra life for Mario, a turnip from Mario 2, an extra life for Megaman, what is this I don’t even, and a Rupee.

    In the background, an Arwing, an unidentifiable sailing ship that could be from anything (King K. Rool’s ship from Donkey Kong 64?), a round blue thing that I think is from Kirby, and one of the guys from Cho Aniki. Tetris on the ceiling, and who puts their one column gap in the middle like that?

    On the walls, a DS, an N64, a Gameboy, an NES, an SNES, and a Wii.

    Not perfect, I know, but probably a passing score at least. And why no Master Blaster tank?

  17. 32

    Link, MegaMan, Ness, Cloud, Sonic, Peach, Mario, Pikachu, — Samus, —. —, Ryu.

    Tetris on the ceiling. Vic Viper and a pirate ship (countless games) in the background (I’ve seen that guy, but can’t remember the game, also the blue thing.)

    DS, N64, probably the old Game Boy, can’t tell, can’t tell, Wii on the walls.

    E-tank, pokeball, mushroom, Maxim tomato, invincibility star, hamburger, 1-up mushroom, turnip, extra guy, blob, rupee on the table.

  18. 34

    There are 3 characters I can’t identify, because I was never into *most* RPGs.

    Left to Right

    Final Fantasy Character (hear his name is Cloud)
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Princess Peach
    ‘Super’ Mario
    Pikachu, on the shoulder of

    [?]Guy with the green hair and gold adornment and wings on his ears

    Samus Aran

    [?] Guy with big leather gloves

    [?] Animal standing on the table with a green helmet/mask

    Ryu from Street Fighter

    No Robert B, that first item is not a metroid energy tank. Crap was never labled with letters in Metroid. That’s an original Megaman subtank. 8-bit.

    I think the ‘wtf i don’t even’ looks like a ‘bot’ from legend of Zelda II, which is a badguy, not an item, so probably not it. There’s lots of lil critters like that in nintendo and super nintendo games.

    The ship in the background people keep arguing about reminds me most of Darius Twin, but it’s two rounded. It’s a lil more like a starfox arwing, but not that either.

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