The Dragonborn Comes

I used to be a blogger like you, then I took a server to the knee. Work has well and thoroughly kicked my ass. Six straight 12+ hour days, many of them 16 hours, two of them full-on graveyards, , and I am nothing short of exhausted. Really hoping I’ll be able to get back into the blogging groove sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, have a damn cool Skyrim bard cover by Malukah, who is good enough to provide this song free at her website.

The Dragonborn Comes
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5 thoughts on “The Dragonborn Comes

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    Six straight 12+ hour days, many of them 16 hours, two of them full-on graveyards

    Not only that, but he had to work uphill, in the snow, in both directions, for only sixpence a week, and when he got home his dad would kill him and dance on his grave. Poor Jason, he’s really had it rough.

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    I was going to post a comment, but then I took an arrow to the knee… That made me laugh — and comment to my girlfriend about serendipity (thought not sure that’s really the right term).

    I follow your blog for your political/atheist/etc views, so to run into Skyrim ref makes me smile. Last week, it was bizarre when Trey Ratcliff (a great photographer I follow for, well, photography) did a G+ hangout w/Patrick Rothfuss (an author I really enjoy).

    It’s also a reminder that the bloggers I read every day probably have overlapping areas of interest which I’m also interested in.

    So speaking of Skyrim, you saw this right?

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    After reaching level 80 several times with a wizard, a ranger and a one-handed weapon warrior, I deleted the game yesterday. It’s nice, but too easy to escape into… Seriously, it’s like taking a vacation into a virtual world (but much cheaper). I started playing because I was amazed by the quality of graphics… I love mountains 🙂

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    Tis Himself: and I had to smelt all the metal and forge the server rack and all the components myself, barefoot on broken glass. It builds character.

    chris: haven’t seen that, no. I read something elsewhere that apparently mods made for PC are, technically, perfectly compatible with the PS3/X-Box versions in that they all use the same underlying file system. The problem is in the delivery method. If we could download user-generated mods on my PS3 copy, I’d be a happy camper. It’s a shame we’ll have to wait for DLC approved by Bethesda. Once I’m done my run-through and have completed everything in vanilla Skyrim, I may just pirate the PC version to play with user mods. (No, I’m not buying it *again*. I already shelled out $70 a few days after launch, FFS.)

    Dumnezero: holy crap. I don’t see why you’d bother to reach level 80 more than once, considering you’re basically multiclassing and reaching all those levels by doing something in every skill. I’m only picking interesting perks, I’m at level 64 on my only character so far, and I’m pretty much unstoppable except against ancient dragons.

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    It’s too tempting to do it, at least for me. I love the idea of growing skills in all directions, but the small number of available perks is infuriating. There are these skill sets which are not essential, but are awesome… like sneaking and lockpicking and illusion, but not chance of really using perks on them. Speech is great for trading and getting out of jams with the authorities… Smiting is annoying because you can never buy the top notch armors (Dragon, Deadra), so you have to invest a lot of perks to be able to make your own. Enchanting has a similar challenge – a top level enchanter can make items with 2 enchantments which is very, very, nice, but it takes so many perks that you lose out on the important skills. It’s a shame you can’t order someone to enchant stuff for you; the guy at the Collage of Winterhold just refuses.

    I deleted the game because it was just too attractive, but I might install it again in the future if there are interesting updates. Maybe one day they’ll fix the dragon masks so they are can be compatible with armor sets, because it’s really annoying to have a dragon mask equipped and lose out on the heavy armor or light armor bonuses or on the mage armor bonus.

    At least I figured I learned something about medieval life from this game…

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