Thibaulting is the new Tebowing

Via @artologica on Twitter, evidently someone caught a snapshot of French Canadian goalie Jocelyn Thibault on one knee. This is, of course, meme-worthy.

Jocelyn Thibault in a one-knee pose quite similar to Tim Tebow's praying pose

One of these days I’m going to have to give in and ape Tebow’s prayer pose myself. Only, maybe, picking up a penny. Or petting a cat. Certainly, catching me in something like a prayer is honestly no worse and no less hypocritical than a faithful Christian violating Matthew 6 blatantly like Tim Tebow keeps doing.

(Yes, all three of our surnames are pronounced the same.)

Thibaulting is the new Tebowing

10 thoughts on “Thibaulting is the new Tebowing

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    I’m going to be watching Professional Bull Riding in a few minutes. They pretty much all do that, all of the American ones anyhow. I like the show, they could leave their prayers out of it.

  2. 10

    I’m a goalie, and I’m almost as good as Jocelyn Thibeault (I’m not near good enough to play in the NHL, just like Thibeault). He might be praying in the dressing room, but like Markita suggested at #8, I think he’s probably just stretching and/or warming up.

    Still, a large number of Christians are so desperate for any mainstream recognition of their religion that they’ll grasp at any possible sign that a musician/athlete/celebrity might share their faith. That’s why there are so many ridiculous examples like this floating about the internet. I remember my youth group in the early 90’s being almost obsessed with which celebrities might be “secret” Christians (all of whom had their beliefs suppressed by Hollywood, government, major sports leagues, or the media, since all those things are under the direct control of Satan).

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