Sacrelicious slash ad

Via Copyranter, here’s a (probably parody) ad for United Colors of Benetton that’s bound to raise some hackles.

Funny how a campaign built around the idea of reducing levels of hatred in our society has this absurdly ironic tendency of drawing so much controversy. And it’s not like this stuff is unprecedented — just search the internet for “slash fiction” and you’ll find that absolutely nothing is sacred and absolutely no fictional universe can get away without gay fan fiction. It’s like a corollary to Rule 34.

Sacrelicious slash ad
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8 thoughts on “Sacrelicious slash ad

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    I’ve seen that around the interwebs, I do hope they got the artists permission though. People sharing their work over the internet really don’t need the discouragement of having people steal their work.

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    Could be just me, but I find it interesting that the artist seems to have incorporated some of the racist iconography found in traditional European Christian art. Perhaps they were drawing from real paintings?

    To me, it looks as though Satan has darker hair/beard, large dark eyes and a larger nose compared with Jesus. Some traditional Christian art portrays Satan or Judas with stereotypical “Semitic features” in contrast to a blond or brunette Jesus, no doubt reflecting the prejudices of its creators. (I recently saw an exhibition on Renaissance art from Northern and Central Italy, featuring painters such as Rafael, and I noticed that all the images of the Madonna and Child depicted Jesus and Mary with blond, brown or red hair – no black. I checked.)

    Ironic because Jesus was supposed to be Middle Eastern, so presumably he should look the same as Satan. Apart from the magic pointy ears and horns, which come from Pan/Faunus.

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