Abobo’s Big Adventure

Remember Abobo, the mini-boss with the big round head and the weird moustache in Double Dragon? The one you had to jump-kick twenty or so times to beat, who basically tried to eat your head if you attacked him in any other way? Well, it turns out Abobo had a son, named Aboboy, who has been kidnapped by ruffians.

Now, thanks to the magic of Flash programming and nerds with too much NES experience, Abobo has sallied forth to destroy every NES game in his quest to rescue his son. Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe, and classic gaming will never be the same again.

It is free to play, it contains parodies of so many NES games it would not be possible without the Fair Use clause of the copyright laws that exist presently, and it is. SO. EPIC.

Abobo’s Big Adventure

7 thoughts on “Abobo’s Big Adventure

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    You asked a question, I gave an answer.

    You like playing NES games, I like playing Civ IV.* If you want to comment on Sid Meier’s contribution to gaming, go right ahead.

    *No, I don’t play Civ V. I refuse to give Steam a penny.

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    Man, now I’m tempted to dust off my Civ IV discs. No, I won’t play multiplayer with you, mostly because you’ll wipe me off the face of the Earth long before even destroying the barbarian faction.

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