Get a shirt. Prove you’re “One of us! One of us!”

"Evil Little Thing" t-shirt design

JT and Christina over at WWJTD have been doing a bang-up job defending teenager Jessica Ahlquist from ridiculous attacks by those devout who consider the Bible to be more important with respect to the laws of the land than the Constitution of the United States. Hemant Mehta of Friendly Atheist founded a college fund for Ahlquist, and JT got the ball rolling on fund-raising with a t-shirt design commemorating the state representative that called her an “evil little thing”.

The bloggers of Freethought Blogs have responded in usual fashion: unbridled enthusiasm.

Assassin Actual – We Are All Evil Little Things
Greta Christina – Are You an Evil Little Thing? Get the T-Shirt and Represent!
JT Eberhard – We have shirts too!
Hank Fox – Evil Chic: You Know You Want It
Digital Cuttlefish – Evil Little Thing
Ed Brayton – Get Your Evil Little Shirts
PZ Myers – Self Identify
Stephanie Zvan – But I Don’t Want to Wait

And now me. I’ve ordered a kiwi-green sweatshirt with the Anastasia print, in solidarity with the cause and as a means of self-identifying as a supporter of not only Jessica Ahlquist but of the fundamental issue in the story: the separation of church and state.

Get a shirt. Prove you’re “One of us! One of us!”

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