More than one reason

This image has been making the rounds. And rightly so. Probably originated at Reddit.

Click to see the rest.

Also, a Redditor took it upon hirself to document all the stories contained in the image.

What do you folks think, are these just “isolated incidents”? Are we “cherry-picking” against religion when we point out some piece of nonsense that the religious are responsible for?

More than one reason
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19 thoughts on “More than one reason

  1. 2

    That’s a lot of cherries…. starts making cherry pies. Pies make everything better!

    Also i don’t know that you can call it cherry picking when so many of those involved religious leaders. If you want to claim religious cherry picking you want to point to stories like crazed gunmen not stories about religious officials acting badly.Those are the people that should be speaking out the loudest about this.

  2. 3

    I don’t see it as cherry-picking. Especially since, in the vast majority of events referenced, the religionists use their beliefs to justify the horrible things they say and do.

    Imagine if a Christian (for example) tried to make a similar collage of the good things religion has done. They’d have – what – a few buildings, some art, music… and that’s it. They might be able to find a rare headline along the lines of “Man’s religion inspires him to donate kidney to stranger.” But that would be the exception, not the rule.

    Then imagine comparing the two collages.

  3. 5

    HI…HO…all Atheists

    All this while you have only been listening to the wrong believes of your masters or atheists friends.Ask from the experts on truth if you have doubt. Its about time you reconsider your beliefs.


  4. 9

    Do you have proof of your “believes”?

    Are they important enough that your god considers all those horrible things shown in that image to actually be good and useful and right and appropriate to cause to happen?

    If yes to the first question, show us that proof.

    If yes to the second, then why do you think this monster of a god is worth worshipping, rather than opposing as a violent tyrant?

  5. 10

    Jason Thibeault ,

    The truth of the truth(our beliefs) are depicted in the TRUE BOOK.And it can’t be refuted.

    How can you say to a God who have all this while supply us with abundance of foods, cereals, meats, vegetables and countless other gifts,supply us with oxygen, water and sunshine a monster or a violent tyrant? Do you see God’s hands doing all those horrible things?
    It’s crystal clear that those horrible things are done by men or monsters like you.

  6. 11

    No, you silly little man. Your book can be refuted just as easily as I can refute the ultimate, deity-endorsed truth of The Silmarillion, being that it is a true and accurate account of the Valar, merely channeled through the great prophet J. R. R. Tolkien.

    You need to show that all of those wonderful things that are so amazing about nature are not actually simply natural processes which we can investigate, but are created by a supernatural entity of any sort. You need to show your work.

    As for the “men or monsters like me”, I assume that you are also a man, and are therefore equally monstrous. The fact that you believe in a god that gives orders, and I do not, suggests to me that you’re more capable of committing murder for your god than I am. Since I don’t believe any god has demanded that I kill my daughter to restore my honour, for instance, I’m far less likely than you to kill. My morality, coming as it does from a love of humankind, is more founded than your morality as dictated by other human beings thousands of years ago and written in a badly-translated book.

  7. 12

    A glimpse of your comments make me think, no wonder why God sends this kind of people to ((((HELL))))!

    The rest of your comments will be dealth later God willing.

  8. 16

    And showing me why you know this place is anything like the sun would be helpful too. Especially since every path leads back to your holy book, which you have yet to prove is more correct than The Silmarillion.

  9. 17


    A confused fantasy. Get real Jason.

    There’s a STAR….far…far…away in the universe.
    The star EXISTS.
    There’s ((((HELL)))….((((HELL)))) exists.
    But it’s not my job to prove it.

  10. 18

    And because the sun exists, so does Hell? Really? Wow, you are a lion at debating.

    It is not my job to believe things that people are unwilling to prove after several direct requests. If you’re not interested in showing proof, don’t expect anyone to believe like you when you tell them they should.

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