Punish the politician who called Jessica Ahlquist an “evil little thing”

JT Eberhard is climbing the Reddit charts today with his post asking American voters to remind a certain politician that telling the truth does not make one “evil”.

Up until recently a Rhode Island high school had a prayer hanging in a government building. When they were asked to take it down the administrators lied about the prayer repeatedly. While it was being hammered out in court, students at the school, as well as a frothing pack of Jesus-lovers harassed a 16 year-old girl the entire time. After a judge affirmed that the lying administrators were breaking the law, those students and the other Jesus-lovers doubled their efforts, many of them threatened the well-being of the 16 year-old girl implicitly or directly.

It should be noted that all the girl did was ask the lying administrators to stop breaking the law and, when they refused, she told the truth under oath (which the administrators did not).

Sadly, asking a politician to appreciate honesty is like asking a thief to appreciate surveillance. Peter G. Palumbo, the Democrat in the RI House from the Cranston district, has no rebukes for the Jesus-loving liars, bullies, or thugs. He has nothing negative to say about the people who felt they were above the Constitution and lied to subvert it. He did, however, have something to say about Jessica. Palumbo said, sarcastically, that she is “An evil little thing.” That may have bee said sarcastically (there is debate over whether or not that line was sarcastic, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt), but the line “I think she’s being coerced by evil people” was most assuredly not. She is not being coerced, and her cause is not evil.

Emphasis mine. Just wanted to point out that lying for Jesus is not a party line type deal.

I’m sure you can help keep this ball rolling. Telling the truth under oath about a prayer up on a wall in school is apparently an incredibly brave thing to do for a sixteen year old girl. By telling the truth, and having a judge agree that this prayer makes that school de facto Christian and is therefore unconstitutional, she has earned the enmity of everyone who would prefer a lie that protects their religion than the rights of this sixteen year old girl. She is being harassed on Twitter, in real life, and now by small-minded and provincial politicians. You voters can do something about that last.

Punish the politician who called Jessica Ahlquist an “evil little thing”
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7 thoughts on “Punish the politician who called Jessica Ahlquist an “evil little thing”

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    Dear Rhode Island,

    As a lifelong Democrat, I am disgusted by the behavior of this thug. His public characterization of a 16 year old child who evidently knows the Constitution better than he does as an “evil little thing” is disgusting. This child is living with threats of rape and violence as a result of her bravery, and in no way deserves some feeble minded godbot piling on & fanning the fire. If that little girl or her family is hurt, their blood will be on Palumbo’s hands. Shame on him, and shame on you for allowing this kind of language from one of your elected representatives.

    If he is not able to provide an immediate, heart felt, abject apology to this teenager, he should be removed from office. Based on his inability to tell the truth, he would be no loss:



    Glendale, AZ

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    Some folsk here may be interestred to know – Seems anyone can leave comments on Palumbo’s facebook page too :


    FWIW I’ve left my comment for him :


    Dehumanising and abusing any of your constituents in that manner let alone piling hatred onto a young woman whose courage & intelligence already has her facing death threats and receiving appallingly violent and nasty hate mail from the supposed adherents of a Loving God and Forgiving Christ is totally despicable and inexcusable. Have you publicly apologised to Jessica Ahlquist – the teenage atheist girl you publicly called an “evil little thing” because she correctly interpreted constititutional law where you failed to do so – yet? If not, please correct that error of yours ASAP


    Under his newly added profile photo & also :

    So this is the face of a powerful bully or so it would seem based on Palumbo’s disgusting, literally dehumanising abuse of Jessica Ahlquist, a brave, intelligent and remarkable young woman who is now facing death threats and endless putrid hatred because she dared to stand up – correctly – for her belief in the separation of Church and State and her correct understanding of the Constitution of the United States of America.

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