Birth of a new Obama delusion: Marserism

The “Obama is secretly a Kenyan” conspiracy apparently just wasn’t loony enough for some people, so they had to do Orly Taitz et al one better. Universe Today reports that two self-proclaimed time travellers have leveled Very Serious Allegations about the President of the United States — specifically, that they were all involved in secret missions to teleport to Mars. Back when Barack was known as “Barry Soetero”.

The two former chrononauts also said that they encountered the future president at secret U.S. bases on Mars, which he is said to have visited twice between the years 1981 and 1983. On one instance Basiago said he even exchanged words with Ob – uh, Soetero – en route to the “jump room” while on Mars.

“We’re here,” Basiago claims the young president-to-be said to him.

And the supposed reason for the secret teen task force’s Red Planet expedition? To “acclimate Martian humanoids and animals to their presence,” according to Basiago.

You know, to make good with the locals so there’d be no trouble when setting up camp.

White House officials have denied all allegations of the President’s Martian travels, or the existence of a Mars training class. But, of course, they would.

What do you even say to someone who comes up with something as unhinged as this? I don’t often say this sort of thing, given the seriousness of mental health issues, but I’d be calling an asylum for a pickup and a psych evaluation ASAP. You cannot be playing with a full deck if you genuinely believe this stuff, so better safe than sorry.

Birth of a new Obama delusion: Marserism

6 thoughts on “Birth of a new Obama delusion: Marserism

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    This sounds like a plausible Dr. Who episode. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the Tardis and how Obama is actually the Master set on dissecting humans and placing their brains in little balls that fly all over and kill embodied humans.

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    I would like to pose a corollary to Poe’s Law: No matter how ridiculous or extreme your parody is, there will be a genuine claim even more ridiculous or extreme proposed almost immediately.

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