Agitation And The Long Game

I don’t have a good post queued up for today, and not a lot of time to write one, but here’s a few links you’ll probably enjoy (if you haven’t already).

My post from June about Rick Santorm’s wife’s abortion, proving him a total hypocrite with his anti-abortion stance, suddenly exploded overnight. People are passing it about on Facebook like crazy and there are a bunch of people joining in on the comments. By all means, keep the momentum rolling!

Stephanie Zvan is taking one of the skeptic community’s leaders to task for their cognitive biases. Guess which one, why, and what the evidence is!

And Christina over at WWJTD takes on Mallorie Nasrallah’s post declaring that men shouldn’t listen to women who decry sexist comments in our community. And she does it without raising Mallorie’s “you’re strawmanning me!” defense, which she’s offered in every single rebuttal to her own huge strawman argument.

PZ has blow-by-blow in-depth coverage of the Iowa caucus as well if you’re interested in seeing who surged ahead, who was merely turgid, and who flagged at the poles. I mean polls.

The blog-fights we engage in are part of a long game. That’s a lesson I just learned with having an old post go viral so long after it was written. This image, posted by a commenter in an earlier post, is therefore appropriate.

Keep fighting, noble Keyboard Warriors.

Agitation And The Long Game

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    I won’t lie. I’m a bit myopic when it comes to long-gameish issues, coming from an animal welfare background and watching the damage a group like PETA can do to a movement.

    Or to be more precise, I think I react too negatively to strong moralistic statements, even if I agree totally with the basic premise, because of these experiences, where strong moralistic statements, in other fields have resulted in my experience in cases where the door to conversion is shut firmly…maybe it was already shut and I’m seeing things that are not there.

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