Climate: definitely not due to solar forcing or cosmic rays

I kinda made a private vow that I wouldn’t keep reposting Peter Sinclair’s excellent Climate Crock of the Week videos quite so regularly, because I don’t want to be accused of simply ripping him off. But the bastard went and included both a Rickroll and several Fantastic Four references. Sigh.

I love that the anti-AGW crowd keeps positing arguments to take the place of the obvious and demonstrably correct reality — that the planet’s heating up and we’re responsible — and science just keeps knocking those arguments down. I’m very sad, however, that we’re probably going to keep playing this game and letting them posit more things that might be responsible for global warming in an attempt to supplant the understanding that it’s actually us burning fossil fuels, til it’s completely impossible to do anything about it.

Climate: definitely not due to solar forcing or cosmic rays

2 thoughts on “Climate: definitely not due to solar forcing or cosmic rays

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    I think these videos have the potential to be awesome. They are visually compelling, and state their message in easy to understand terms. Unfortunately they are dragged down by the fact that the narrator sounds exactly like what every bad stereotype of a scientist sounds like: BORING! The guy’s voice can put me to sleep within seconds of the start of the video. He seriously needs to find a vocal talent to narrate the series for him.

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    Pfft, who needs fucking evidence? So long as people are capable of dreaming up increasingly outlandish causes for climate change to prevent them from experiencing the pain of acknowledging that our current lifestyle coupled to existing technologies are unsustainable and even slowly contaminating the planet so as to make it uninhabitable by humans, we won’t see nearly enough people change their minds.

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