Bryan Fischer represents a Heightened Risk to my Blood Pressure

Via Right Wing Watch, a clearinghouse of all the ridiculous bullshit the right-wing produces as a matter of course, comes yet another gigantic spike in my blood pressure. It’s like they’re literally trying to make my head explode. In this episode, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association says that homosexuals represent an inherent heightened security risk based on “empirical fact” that they are more often depressed and suicidal.

Considering they’re only appreciably more depressed and suicidal when you make them feel like they’re broken and need to change their inherent natures, this sounds suspiciously like a feature, not a bug, of the religious campaign to make gay people feel subhuman. Step 1: tell gays they’re broken. Step 2: point to their depression at this news to prove that gays are a security threat. Step 3: use security threat to prove gays are broken. Step 4: Profit! go to heaven!

Bryan Fischer represents a Heightened Risk to my Blood Pressure

4 thoughts on “Bryan Fischer represents a Heightened Risk to my Blood Pressure

  1. 2

    Even when i was an active Christian I never bought the argument people would make that “the proof the gay lifestyle is wrong is because they are depressed and suicidal” and I thought “that’s because you and everyone else hates them” It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    I remember when I was young and confused about myself since i wasn’t “man enough” according to my father (think Great Santini), whenever a gay person would come on tv or in the news all this hateful crap would spew out of my parents’ mouths. And I thought “my own parents hate me they just don’t know it yet”.

    Of course in the end I realized I wasn’t gay, just depressed and not a stereotypical man, but I remember what it felt like to feel hated by everyone. What the hell is wrong with people?

  2. 3

    Don’t you guys see, its just for their own good. He even says it several times, they need help…and by ‘help’ of course he means make them feel even worse about themselves by declaring them mentally incompetent and then trying to brainwash and shame them into lying to themselves about who they are and forcing themselves into heterosexual relationships.

  3. rob

    this is what i like to think of whenever bryan fischer says anything:

    and now for something to en-happy-inate you, Teddy the Porcupine–with SUBTITLES!!!!!!

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