Saturday Morning Cartoons with the Dohvakids

Anyone else remember this 80’s cartoon on Saturday mornings? I have some very distinct memories of watching this show over my Frankenberry cereal, I swear.

I think I even tried to FUS RO DAH some kid off the monkey bars, too. No wonder I got teased all the time.

Saturday Morning Cartoons with the Dohvakids
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6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons with the Dohvakids

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    I used to be a huge fan of 80’s cartoons, but having re-watched some of them recently, I have to admit I was amore a fan of the conceptsof 80’s cartoons, rather than the actual execution. Kids have it much better these days: the plots are more consistent and more character driven, creating much more engaging viewing. The animation is also leaps and bounds better of anything after the opening credits in the 80’s.

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    I don’t remember that one, but I’ve been introducing my kid to the joys of Saturday morning cartoons.

    The original (very early 80s) Godzilla, the original Transformers, Robotech (yeah, I know, I still prefer Robotech), and all those awesome shows.

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