Raise a glass to Christopher Hitchens

As soon as I can this evening, I will pour a toast to a man who never gave quarter to a world filled with every kind of petty dictator and delusional powermonger. And even when his friends and allies disagreed on some point, he could build an incredibly strong case as easily and as casually as though he was conversing about the weather.

Given his fondness for libations, and his rabble-rousing ways, I suspect he would have respected the primary mode of remembrance that he’s garnering.

Though The Hitch didn’t believe in sin, I bet he’d have gotten a chuckle out of this song.

He was an orator, a statesman, and a good human being. The movement is poorer without him, but it marches on.

Raise a glass to Christopher Hitchens
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4 thoughts on “Raise a glass to Christopher Hitchens

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    The first couple of times I saw a video of Christopher Hitchens speaking I thought he was irascible and mean-spirited, but as I watched and read more and more I realized that when he was angry it was — I’ll not let theists think they own this phrase — a righteous anger. As any lover of beauty who sees a forest glade paved, a work of art defaced, or a great city fallen to decay, Christopher Hitchens was angry that the greatness of the human spirit is so incessantly trod upon by unthinking, hateful, greedy, magical-thinking theists, conservatives and criminals. I came to understand that his anger was born of love and respect, of hope for what we as humans are and what we can become. It didn’t take long before I ceased seeing him as an angry man, and instead saw a man more sensitive than most and more courageous than just about any other.

    I wish I knew of him earlier. I wish I knew him. He really was, despite his greater and lesser flaws, one of the great humanist heroes, and it pains me that most people don’t even know his name. The world is emptier without him, but enriched for his time here, and for his ceaseless efforts.

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    To Hitch

    The skeptic/atheist movement has progressed as far as it has in large part thanks to you.

    You will be so greatly missed and long remembered. Thank you.

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    And that’s how they showed their respect for Paddy Murphy
    That’s how they showed their honor and their pride;
    They said it was a sin and a shame and they winked at one another
    Now every glass in the place was full, the night Pat Murphy died

    I had a wee drop of 17 year old Glencoyne single malt in Hitch’s honour.

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