The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair

Have I mentioned that I love In the Hall of the Mountain King? The rest of the Peer Gynt Suites less so, but they’re still worth a listen — if you’ve somehow not already heard them through their gross overuse in all manner of media since.

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair
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10 thoughts on “The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair

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    Oh, so he does! I’ll correct that right now, in the title if not the URL slug.

    Also, I’m not particularly a fan of Cage’s, but I’m no hater either. I’m indifferent about his body of work at best.

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    I think Cage is a brilliant actor who also, unfortunately, can’t seem to turn anything down, so the great bulk of his career is…sub-par? We have Adaptation, Raising Arizona, and Leaving Las Vegas, but then we’re stuck with everything else. Also, Face Off is how I decide whether or not I can take a human being seriously: if you like it, then all of the words that come out of your mouth, after you’re foolish enough to reveal what should be a dark, shameful secret, sound like, “Blah” or “Durh.” Sometimes there are subtle differences in inflection or speed that can convey hunger, happiness and pain, or perhaps a looming bout of incontinence, but otherwise it’s all basically the same sad sound.

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    This clearly does not prove evolution. Each of these hairs is a distinct “kind”. Please show me the intermediate forms.

    Unless you can do this, you clearly have not made your case.

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    On a more cinematic (and slightly more serious) note…how can an actor do films that are span the spectrum from “complete and utter shit” to “really interesting and well worth watching”?

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