Got a buck? Sponsor a rescue kitty!

My sister-in-law Teri, living in Georgia with her husband Shannon, has just rescued a ten-year-old cat she found near her place of employ. This kitty either ran away or was abandoned, was extremely sickly when Teri found her, and evidently has a lump on her thyroid.

Kitty Tapia. Yes, that's her name at the moment. Maybe send suggestions for a name, too!

Since Teri and Shannon have enormous hearts but only regular-sized wallets, the new cat’s vet bills are a bit onerous for them, and she put together a Facebook page and accompanying Fundrazr page to ask for help paying her vet bills.

So if you’ve got a spare dime, if you’re willing to downsize your Starbucks coffee from a Macro to a Normale (or whatever the hell the stupid size names are), throw it her way. Give this kitty a little comfort for her last few years.

Got a buck? Sponsor a rescue kitty!

5 thoughts on “Got a buck? Sponsor a rescue kitty!

  1. 1

    Snark, Smoky, and Ink and I want to contribute. But despite plaintive yowls of frustration from the young fuzzy ones (by this I actually mean my friends in their teens and early twenties), I have not yet jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. Is there another way to donate?

  2. 2

    Not at the moment, Speedwell. You could always build a throwaway account… I understand your hesitation with regard to the Facebook thing, given that I very rarely use Facebook myself.

  3. 4

    I adopted a 17 year old cat two years ago, and despite a bout of bladder infection, she is still going at 19. Those last few years may turn out to be more than you (or the new owners) think. Old cats are great company.

  4. 5

    My 18 year old cat, Hammerstein, and I are each chipping in a dollar. Actually I wasn’t going to but Hammerstein told me in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t want to wake up with a shredded earlobe then I’d better contribute.

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