Female orgasm, caught on tape

You can still call a digital three-dee brain MRI a “tape”, right?

Remember the very recent paper that Scicurious, PZ Myers and Greg Laden all covered, regarding the hypothetical reasons why women have orgasms analogous to men’s, considering that women don’t output eggs during orgasm the way that men output semen? I guess female orgasms are apparently a big mystery to science, and all sorts of reasons for the female orgasm have been postulated, but the fact that it’s possible to become pregnant without a woman’s orgasm seems to completely stymie people in the scientific community. (Dare I say, even, baffle?)

So scientists are presently researching what exactly happens in a woman’s brain when she orgasms. Via The Guardian, this 3D MRI was released by The Visual MD, and I have to say, I have no clue what’s going on in there, but I’m sure it’s HOT. As is the paper, which — no spoilers — involves voluptuous sensations and heroic efforts.

As a layperson who happens to enjoy sex, I’d have to guess that women have orgasms for all those nice happy chemicals that provide positive reinforcement regarding having sex. Why is everyone so hung up on the fact that men also ejaculate? Is it just because males are the default in this as in all things, in our culture?

(You love blatantly misleading titles in science articles. You laughed, admit it. And I’m just emulating popular media anyway. Call this a meta-commentary on using sex to sell articles, and the ultimate laziness of some science reporting. Or call it filler while I’m not producing original content. Whatever.)

Female orgasm, caught on tape
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    Has anyone ever noticed that are hands are at just the right length to…you know…without a lot of effort? Could it be that mad eruptions of good feeling are just GOOD for humans, regardless of whether they have the potential to make a baby?

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