Alien Nation: exopolitics espoused by The Canadian

The Canadian is really getting under my skin with its nonsense. First it was antivax scaremongering, now it’s conspiracy theories about a secret alien shadow government.

Why do our efforts as humans beings to affirm our quality-of-life seem to have been frustrated? If you asked yourself, your friends, neighbours, family members and others, you might find out some basic generalities. As humans, we prefer peace to war. We prefer to have our rights protected, rather than subverted. We tend to prefer to have our environment protected rather than destroyed. We tend to also prefer a caring society rather than to have a “survival of the fittest society” in which people who are not financially successful, are basically left to rot.

Our environment is being destroyed; war rages despite our desires for peace; and people are being left to rot in our communities, and globally. In Canada, for example, virtually 100% of Canadians polled wanted aboriginal treaty rights settled. Yet, in a supposedly developed democracy as Canada, there seems to be no hope for such a settlement. Why?

Dr. Michael Salla and his colleagues suggest that the apparent alien values which seem to be controlling humanity’s governance are literally ‘alien’. According to Dr. Salla, Earth’s problems can be tracked to an “unacknowledged extraterrestrial presence”, and that reality forms a major challenge in the public grasping political challenges for the affirmation of human quality-of-living on Earth.

If you know anything about my beliefs regarding alien life, you’d probably know how patently absurd I find the idea of an alien conspiracy. First, we’d have to be close enough to an alien civilization that the vast gulfs of interstellar space would be traversable. Second, they’d have to have technology to allow them to either cross those distances extremely rapidly, e.g. faster than light, or they’d need ways to protect themselves from the cosmic radiation that would otherwise tear their DNA (or DNA-like substance) to ribbons. Third, they’d have to give a shit about humanity and, despite their obviously extraordinarily high levels of technology to be able to get here and establish a sustained presence, not have the technology to simply wipe us out or wipe our brains.

Dr. Salla has a PhD in Politics. He’s an ufologist as a hobby only, and his career has in fact suffered from his slightly wacky beliefs, where he’s been dismissed from his position at American University for controversies driven by his views. Lending credence to his alien conspiracy theories by invoking his political doctorate is dirty play — the same sort of thing you get with pseudoscientists getting accredited in some other field then using the degree to cast a false credibility over their otherwise specious claims.

But it’s no big surprise that someone with an understanding of politics and a pseudoscientific belief in alien civilizations without evidence would come to the conclusions that he has. Politics has always been subject to certain individuals with less-than-altruistic motives gaining more power than they should ever have. These motives often are alien to people like us, who have the capacity for empathy and altruism and justice. But that does not make them literally extraterrestrial. The lack of evidence for alien civilizations notwithstanding, Salla formulated his ideas into a unified pseudoscientific field called “exopolitics”

The evidence Salla claims to have found for extraterrestrial civilizations, he literally found on the internet. He believes there are as many as sixteen alien civilizations that have directly interacted with humankind, driving most of the conflict on our planet. He also believes there are millions of people who have been abducted for experimentation, and not just short-term, but long-term permanent abductions. And all his evidence was obtained from people posting about their experiences on the internet.

And this is The Canadian’s go-to guy for their exclusive content about why the planet is so full of conflict.

Alien Nation: exopolitics espoused by The Canadian

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    If you dismiss the ET hypothesis outright then kindly explain where you think Stephen Harper actually came from and how he became Prime Minister.

  2. 2

    I’ve known a few Canadians, and as I was reading that passage, I thought to myself, “This sounds like a set up to a reasonable argument… yes, yes many Canadians are troubled by the unfair aboriginal rights… this all seems very- OH MY FUCKING FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, EXTRA TERRESTRIALS?! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!”

    … Hey Canada, welcome to the idiot club! No more smugness for you guys, eh?

  3. 3

    “Hey Canada, welcome to the idiot club! No more smugness for you guys, eh?”

    Hey, ever since the alliance party (somewhat the Canadian teaparty version before the term teaparty was coined) gained traction I knew that Canada hat joined the nut club of nations, which includes among Pakistan the US, Israel, Iran,India and whatever other nations are out there while pretending to be democratic basing their politics on religious concepts.

  4. 4

    Ayup, kraut has it right, though the details are off. The Reform party was the right-wing nutters group, and the Progressive Conservatives tried to form an Alliance with them. Joe Clark didn’t like that, but both parties voted to disband and create the Conservative Party of Canada, uniting the Right. So we have a unified right-wing party, and two left-wing parties (NDP and Green), and one slightly-left-of-center Liberal party. And the centrist but single-issue Bloc Quebecois that got trounced this past election and is all but defunct now.

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    “though the details are off. The Reform party was the right-wing nutters group, and the Progressive Conservatives tried to form an Alliance with them.”

    Actually: the Alliance Party was the successor of the Reform Party with the goal to join with the then Progressive Conservative Party.

    I just had forgotten the name of the Reform Party, being closer in time the Alliance had stuck…

    As a supporter of the NDP I still could accept the pragmatism of the Progressive Conservatives (I still remember the discussions at Peter Gzowski’s morningside, a program I followed from its inception just after I immigrated to Canada to when he left, and very much influenced me in my opinions about this country), they had good people there.
    But the fundy poison had to spread from Alberta and parts of BC – where I live.

  6. 6

    If you know anything about my beliefs regarding alien life, you’d probably know how patently absurd I find the idea of an alien conspiracy.

    Of course you do, that is what the alien conspiracy is telling you to believe…

    I could explain why the CPC won the last election but none of you would believe me.

  7. 8

    ‘especially with a Liberal party comprised of enough red tories’

    The liberal party manged to destroy itself – for now.
    A very ineffective Ignatieff a dearth of ideas…and an opposition that really was far from one.
    Maybe the liberals were under alien control???

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    Don’t get too knotted up about The Canadian. When I’ve fact-checked their articles, I’ve found their sources usually don’t exist or are the lowest of the low: Hard to influence a field when you have nothing to offer. I never see self-respecting ufologists cite The Canadian, just the nuttiest fringes of UFO fandom. (I follow believer cites — that’s where the juice is.)
    Though it is a bit annoying The Canadian dares to besmirch the good name of our home and native land.

  9. 10

    That article at the Canadian is a lot like the movie From Dusk ‘Till Dawn. It starts off pretty good, then all of a sudden it veers off into WTFland, making me determined to never read another article on that site (just like I could never watch another Quentin Tarantino flick, ever).

    BTW, my recommendation for the movie From Dusk ‘Till Dawn is to make sure you shut off the movie the second before Salma Hayek finishes her striptease dance. I will not be held responsible for any of the crap that happens after that point in the film.

  10. 11

    I could explain why the CPC won the last election but none of you would believe me.

    A three-way split of the left-wing vote, especially with a Liberal party comprised of enough red tories that would rather vote Reform/Alliance/Conservative than NDP? That does sound pretty fucking ridiculous.

    Stupid Canadians.

  11. 12


    The last thing I might add is the differences between the parties’ desires:

    Liberal party – Wants to rule like a rich, benevolent dictator.
    NDP – Wants to lead, but is afraid of looking too eager to rule.
    Green Party – Wants to have a seat at the big peoples’ table.
    Conservavite party – Wants to utterly decimate all competitors and rule with an iron fist, by Jesus’ divine command.

    The Liberals’ big mistake was treating the Reform/Alliance/Conservatives as a “valiant competitor”, while the R/A/C merely desired to relentlessly destroy their liberal competition (much like the way the Democrats in the USA attempt to “play nice” with the Republicans, while in return, the Republicans succeed in steamrolling the Democrats at any given opportunity).

    Now that the Liberal party is all but defunct, expect the CPC to turn their merciless attention to the NDP for the next few years, and attempt to gerrymander everything possible to prevent the Conservatives from ever losing another election.

    This country is doomed. 51st state, here we come!

  12. 14

    I don’t know about aliens but your ARE ruled from overseas (your head of state isn’t a Canadian). Maybe you should grow a pair and become independent.

    I’m a republican living in England, it’s hard enough getting anyone here to take this seriously, if I can rile you (and the Aussies and Kiwi’s) to get rid of this ridiculous institution I might start getting somewhere back here.

    Till then, I’ll just have to keep on having holidays in Kanuckland, looking forward to my next one already.

  13. 15

    My previous comment was supposed to have LOL’s and things. Please don’t take it seriously, it was meant as a joke (damn internet, I still keep forgetting you can’t see my face and hear me laughing as I post, DOH!).

  14. 16

    Lots of people talk about “aliens” looking like almost-stick-figure people surrounded by light. If such things exist, why would you assume they are aliens? The simplest explanation is that they are human ghosts, who are manifesting but don’t have enough energy to manifest an entire human body. They glow because they’re having trouble holding on to the energy they’ve collected.

    And sometimes their skin cracks under the pressure of the leaking energy, creating a scaly appearance; hence the rumors about lizard-people.

    Much of the so-called paranormal, if it exists, can be explained with one simple assumption: Ghosts are real. Physically and biologically real, without any weasel-words like “interdimensional” (whatever the **** that’s supposed to mean).

    Then consider what would happen if the spirits of sneaky corrupt politicians conspired to play pranks on us living people, to manipulate us into believing all kinds of crazy things. And no matter how large this conspiracy is, there will never be any record of it, because ghosts don’t need to keep notes!

    Kind of explains everything, doesn’t it? If this catches on, the Forteans are out of business!!!

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