Dara O Briain on IT

Apropos of the video I posted yesterday about biotech, here’s Dara Ó Briain on the IT industry.

He’s mostly right. Those of us who do real work frown on the goons he’s talking about, though. There’s a showboat in every crowd.

Dara O Briain on IT
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7 thoughts on “Dara O Briain on IT

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    Err, nope. It’s how we embed Youtube videos that don’t overlap our sidebar, via a script that expands it to the full embed. Problem is, it apparently doesn’t take extra parameters like the &NR=1. Chop that out and it works again.

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    I work in IT as well and the real issue with ‘solution providers’ is they have little time (or permission) to actually understand a problem. The have one tool, a hammer, usually defined as a re-load of os & standard apps, regardless of whether the problem is a nail, a screw, a lightbulb or some other potentially more delicate problem.

    O’Briain is marvelous.

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