Market report: gold is down, human embryos are up

This is the stuff of urban legends. Clones of babies to harvest stem cells. Lists of body parts harvested from murdered babies, with prices attached. Never mind the huge and glaring difference between an embryo and a baby — the latter being about a few thousand times the size, what with the former being a lump of indistinct cells incapable of viability outside the womb. You have to see this tightly and professionally packed stupidity to believe it.

CLONING TO KILL! from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.

I can’t even imagine what could be done with an arm or a leg, even if it was taken from an adult. Except maybe as part of a menu of some sort.

Rod Parsley buys into all these myths and presents them unquestioningly, and presents them as though it was a case against cloning. Really, it’s all a thinly veiled case against abortions gussied up such that the average Christian can’t tell the difference between the myths he spouts and the actual science. Stem cell harvesting involves taking the remnants of an abortion that was for whatever reason deemed necessary by the mother and doctor, of a blastocyst probably no bigger than your thumbnail and certainly not viable on its own, and harvesting stem cells from it rather than merely sending it off for incineration where it was headed. It is taking a bad situation and trying to salvage some good out of it.

And don’t even get me started on “partial birth abortion”. The real name for that procedure is intact dilation and extraction. It is done only in the 0.17% of abortions where both the mother and baby are going to die from inaction. It is done to save the life of the mother where the alternative is to let them both die — you’d think a pro-lifer would recognize the utility of saving one life over letting both die! Especially when they do it themselves, like Rick Santorum’s wife. But it’s okay if you’re a Republican, see. That’s how it works. Then it’s okay to not take the “godly” course of action by letting the fetus kill the mother then die itself.

Hat tip to Everything Is Terrible.

Market report: gold is down, human embryos are up
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One thought on “Market report: gold is down, human embryos are up

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    … “partial birth abortion”. The real name for that procedure is intact dilation and extraction.

    If you check out the details, what anti-choicers call PBA doesn’t quite match up with IDE or any other late-term abortion procedure. This seems to be a deliberate (ahem) choice to make their propaganda vague and more broadly applicable, so as to inspire the most restrictive legislation, but it may also represent good old-fashioned technical incompetence.

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