Gender studies homework: NVAWS and “think of the men!”

DavidByron, antifeminist troll extraordinaire, in a moderated comment on this post has described the National Violence Against Women Survey as an “own goal against feminists” by virtue of its defining rape in terms of actions, not in terms of the perceived transgression. The reasoning behind doing the survey this way is that people are less likely to report such transgressions if they’re unaware that lines have been crossed or that merely lacking consent or having been coerced into consent actually counts as rape.

The full PDF is right here, and is 46 pages long. From the abstract:

Research on violence against women has exploded in the past 20 years, particularly in the areas of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Despite this outpouring of research, many gaps exist in our understanding of violence against women. For instance, reliable information on minority women’s experiences with violence is still lacking. Few empirical data exist on the relationship between different forms of violence against women, such as victimization in childhood and subsequent victimization. Finally, empirical data on the consequences of violence against women, including their injury rates and use of medical services, are lacking.

To further understanding of violence against women, the National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention jointly sponsored, through a grant to the Center for Policy Research, a national survey that was conducted from November 1995 to May 1996. The National Violence Against Women (NVAW) Survey sampled both women and men and thus provides comparable data on women’s and men’s experiences with violent victimization.

Your homework assignment? Find the ways in which the full report proves that men are disadvantaged as compared to women. Bonus question: find ways to downplay the major disadvantages women face in this PDF, so that the disadvantages men face are significantly more important and more grievous.

Aaaand… begin.

Gender studies homework: NVAWS and “think of the men!”

4 thoughts on “Gender studies homework: NVAWS and “think of the men!”

  1. Ys

    I can’t even laugh at the thought of the upcoming verbal gymnastics. This study makes me want to give up on humanity.

    When can we colonise Mars?

    I really don’t understand what the hell is wrong with people who think it’s fun or acceptable to hurt others.

  2. 4

    Yeah, nothing so far even from Byron on the moderation filter. Seems he’s stuck the flounce. So far at least.

    It’s funny because the way he’s decided this is an “own goal” is that collecting statistics by this methodology does in fact increase the number of men that are reported to have been raped or sexually abused. As though improving the statistics and getting real numbers without subjective self-reporting (thus underreporting) is in any way a bad thing.

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