The Donors Choose challenge: outdo the rest of these rookie bloggers!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll kindly direct your gaze to the third widget on the right column of this page entitled Donors Choose Challenge, you’ll notice that this blog alongside the rest of Freethought Blogs is actively soliciting donations for various projects in this year’s Donors Choose drive. I am manually selecting all the scholastic projects I can find in extremely underprivileged areas, especially those that relate to science, literature and math at all levels.

I would be most grateful if you would visit the donation page, select a project or ten that appeals to you, and give til it hurts. I don’t pretend that I’ll come anywhere near Pharyngula’s reach or clout, but I would love to make a decent showing as a relative rookie around these parts, so please give generously.

Projects like the Donors Choose challenge are really great in that they allow you to directly target specific needs in specific areas. All of the projects that I’ve chosen are sure to impact children’s lives directly, and will hopefully help some of them down the road to becoming tomorrow’s great scientists, authors and mathematicians. I believe very strongly in ensuring that what charity I request from you, my readers, is focused on maximizing impact. As with the birthday Kiva account I gave to Stephanie Zvan, which works as loans that can be re-gifted as often as they are repaid, this particular charity aims to provide children with much-needed direction during their early formative years. The foundations they get at a young age will make all the difference.

If you agree with me, and you have some spare coin, please visit the donation page and find something suitable. It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Note: we’re not really in competition with one another. All Freethought Blogs donations aggregate, and it would be awesome if we could outdo some other nascent blog networks head-to-head. So, if I have to foster some in-fighting to do it, I’m willing to throw the glove down. Allons-y!

The Donors Choose challenge: outdo the rest of these rookie bloggers!

3 thoughts on “The Donors Choose challenge: outdo the rest of these rookie bloggers!

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    Okay. Looks like it’s not the top widget any more. Widgets, in WordPress parlance, are those little boxes that divvy up the stuff in the side column. Also, I seem to have mixed up my left and right. Right column, third widget down.

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    I know what a “widget” is, I was just pointing out, in my usual pain-in-the-ass manner, that you meant the right-hand column.

    On topic (for a change), I doubt I can offer anything to assist in the next little while. Hmm, that reminds me of why religious people pray: it makes them feel good even though they haven’t really helped at all! Sadly, I’m not religious, so I’ll just have to find some other way to soothe my soul for being too greedy to assist.

    Look, beer!

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