We’re building an army

You will be assimilated into Freethought Blogs. Resistance is futile.

Dana of En Tequila Es Verdad is running a well-stocked bar. The inimitable Al Stefaneli of American Atheists supplies A Voice of Reason to our conversation. The entire Atheist Experience crew have hung up their coats and taken a seat. We’ve got a genuine first edition copy of The Crommunist Manifesto on display, and its author Crommunist hanging out with me near the bar’s freezer (on the north wall). JT Eberhard is here to provide us with moral direction, we just have to ask WWJTD? And Rock Beyond Belief is playing live, while Justin Griffith provides security. We even have Kylie Sturgess acting as The Token Skeptic. That’s not to mention the regulars, the old ones, the Ones Who Came Before.

I can’t believe the talent we keep importing into this lineup — giants all. I mean, really, who’s left? Who would you like to see in FtB who isn’t already?

We’re building an army

11 thoughts on “We’re building an army

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    I doubt the Skepchicks would join, being a large enough organization unto themselves. But if it ever came down to them being unable to pay the rent, I don’t doubt for a second that Ed would welcome them into our home.

    I have an idea about who I’d like to see on FtB to address Pierce@2’s concern, and will make my recommendation on the back channel shortly. 🙂

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    Seems like nearly everyone I adore in the freethought community’s on here already! Mind you, I spend most of my time kicking round the geoblogosphere, and may present a few of them for your approval.

    Love the Borg reference! Thanks for the welcomes, and delighted to be right here by you!

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    The Doctor
    Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan
    Bill Nye, those Mythbuster guys, maybe Mister Wizard if he’s awesome like Bill Nye
    Robert Heinlein
    Ash, housewares
    Neil deGrasse Tyson for seriously
    Luke and Leia

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