To prove my blogging chops

Have been told today that I’m a good blogger by both Stephanie Zvan and Greta Christina. In defiance, I will now post Youtube videos of turtles.

Yes, the second one’s a tortoise. That’s the kind of attention to detail I’m talkin’ about!

Also, two anonymous shout-outs. To the girl working the drive-through at the Dairy Queen, keep smiling. Your smile makes me smile. And to the emo tween chickie that pulled up next to me, the correct orientation for sitting in the passenger seat of a car is not, in fact, facing the trunk cross-legged.

To prove my blogging chops

8 thoughts on “To prove my blogging chops

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    Hey, when am *I* going to get endorsements like that??

    Does it go on a rotation of some sort, or do you have to actually, like, you know, BE a good blogger?

    Plus, they were all out of turtles the day I went looking.

  2. 3

    In helping to research a particular bone which was a fragment of what may have been the largest individual ever recorded of any Pliocene Chelonid (turtles, tortoises, and those other funny looking things) I was assured by the Herpetologists that the “turtle”/”Tortoise” dichotomy was for lay people to worry about. One or the other is not a monophyletic group so both terms are wrong. (I quickly add that this research was done before a single bit of Chelonid DNA has been examined, so so it is possible that tis is changed, but still, from a purely scientific point of view you really can’t use non-scientific names wrong becuase they are all inherently wrongish).

  3. 7

    The people who stand on their own without our approval? I think it would have been just Jason and Hank if Kammy hadn’t pointed out I was sitting in the studio next to Greta while she was talking. 🙂

  4. F

    At the risk of still being the only non-blogger in this thread:

    Hey Cuttlefish! (There’s one million-billionth worth of a shout-out.)

    Hank Fox, I endorse your blogging, but that is worth about as much as my “shout-out” to teh Cuttlefish.

    Yes, Jason, you are a good blogger, turtles (all the way down) and all.

    Fantastic bloggers all of you. And so conveniently grouped under one domain name now. My cup spilleth all over my keyboard.

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