Nice men don’t want the vote

Going to remain swamped at work for the next few days, it would seem. A bit more filler for today and tomorrow before I can resume my regularly scheduled blogging. Talk amongst yourselves. Topic: should men be allowed to vote?

A Canadian Heritage Moment.

Nice men don’t want the vote

5 thoughts on “Nice men don’t want the vote

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    Well, nice men don’t want the vote. They’re happy to let the Tea Party do their voting for them.

    I’m not a nice man. I want the vote, dammit, for every man and woman 18 years of age and over.

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    I have a sneaking suspicion that comment 2 up there is a spammer. I’ve had several requests along those lines on my measley little blog. The super generic language, and the name link going to are some clues to that effect.

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    You’re probably right. Hmm. What would the purpose of this particular breed of spam be, then? Maybe to poison the antispam engines, to keep certain frequently used turns of phrase from being pegged as spam (because some percentage of them link to innocuous places or nowhere at all)?

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