Had to pull a work overnight, but both things that needed doing took almost no time at all to complete. So, since I was already all jacked up on all sorts of coffee, rather than going to bed immediately, I went and redesigned my website. I’m now using the Fluid Blue theme, edited to use my original logo in the title and a dynamic menu, which I may not ever actually use… though I really should put together an About Me, New here?, and My Favorite Posts page. I also brought back the large category icons, mostly because the icon for Privilege made no sense whatsoever in the tiny version. It’s a band from a Cuban cigar, for what it’s worth.

Additionally, I enabled more descriptive permalinks, though every old link of the ?p=#### will still direct to the proper post. Hopefully this will give me a bit better search engine stats. And I cleaned up the side bar so there are fewer widgets — left the “important” ones, meaning the ones that provide me with information I like to see on a regular basis.

Whaddaya think? (Silence means you think it’s the most amazing thing ever.)

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14 thoughts on “Redesign

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    You flatter me, Troy. Steal whatever you’d like — the category images are all (as far as I know) public domain, edited to fit 48×48; WordPress and the theme are open-source and free, with a suite of free WordPress plugins to do some of the special stuff I’m doing like polls, comment voting, category images or that Blogger-style blogroll. The only thing I’d appreciate it if you didn’t steal, is the top logo. Since I’m the Lousy Canuck and you are not. 🙂

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    I must say that I like the redesigned site. A lot.

    Mind if I steal some of your ideas?

    There’s that quote attributed to Asimov about stealing from the best…

    …or maybe people who really know what they’re doing.

  3. 14

    Consider the top logo NOT stolen!

    I just did some adjustments to the header and background on teh bloggy, with a cute little fractal that just by accident happens to look like Cthulhu, much more appropriate I think, than the indigo sunburst I was using.

    It’s amazing what I sometimes find in my old image files.

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