Atheists: PHEAR HIM

He’s completely serious. He knows Javascript. If you’re an atheist, he will hack your shit if you don’t clean your shit up.

Atheists: PHEAR HIM

12 thoughts on “Atheists: PHEAR HIM

  1. 1

    He expects a “prompt response”? Well, he can feel free to hack my system anytime … or attempt to, if he can, if he is l33t enough. Here’s my IP address:

    Do your worst, man.


  2. 4

    Javascript is a “hacking” language now? Somebody tell that 15-year old dipshit that that kind of talk might frighten his grandmother, but a lot of us atheists actually know something about internet security. Talk about a self-aggrandizing little prick. I doubt he can take more than fifteen minutes a day away from furiously masturbating in his mother’s basement to do any “hacking”.

    Perhaps he’d like to explain why his incredibly shrinking god keeps hiding from atheists. Maybe if Jesus would quit with the bullshit game of hide-and-seek, especially when peoples’ eternal souls are apparently at risk, we might actually believe in him.

  3. 6

    “He has blessed South Africa because apartheid ended and it’s fair for everyone.” Someone tell this kid that the people who brought Christianity to South Africa are the same ones who brought apartheid.

    “Judaism I don’t like. Islam is okay.” Did he miss the part where the Old Testament is actually the Hebrew Bible?

    I think, though, that my favourite part is when he looks back at his stacks of video games when he says, “I have been blessed.”

  4. 7

    On a whim, I took a couple of screenshots from the YouTube video, and ran them through the GIMP. If you turn the brightness and the contrast ALL THE WAY UP you can make out a face, sort of. (He’s wearing sunglasses, btw.) My bet is that if you ran the WHOLE VIDEO this way, you’d build a pretty clear picture. I only grabbed a few frames to play with.

    My advice to this “hacker”: if you don’t want people to recognize you in a video, either (a) don’t show your face AT ALL, show some a puppet or something, or (b) wear a ski mask. Just making the video dark doesn’t really work.

  5. rob

    well, i am convinced. i just tossed out all my pork and burned my computer. now i just gotta find god. i wonder where he has been hiding all these years.

  6. 11

    now i just gotta find god. i wonder where he has been hiding all these years.

    I agree, god is one difficult dude to find. Apparently he used to be the guy that opened the windows of heaven to let rain and snow through, tossing lightening bolts around and shaking the Earth to create earthquakes. He put the sun and moon in their orbits around us and created all the animals and plants ex-nihilo in their current forms. God used to raise people from the dead and perform terrible acts that showed his power to us mere mortals.

    Then mankind munched on some fruit from the Tree Of Knowledge and eventually learned himself some science. These days, it seems god is relegated to helping sports teams win championships and arranging for church bake sales to save 75% on printing name tags.

    Last I heard, he’s posing as a car insurance salesman in Ohio. Don’t try to look him up though – he’s like a celestial Kaiser Soze. You’re supposed to just be afraid of him, even though you’ll never see him or find any evidence that he ever existed.

  7. 12

    Ooh! He’s so scary!

    Too bad he knows nothing about the burden of proof…

    …and such prideful words and vulgar language from one so pious!

    For one who implicitly claims a god’s love, he’s screwed up inside with some serious festering hate.

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