Rebecca Watson sucks at reading minds

It’s true. She does. She was completely incapable of reading the guy in the elevator’s mind when he cornered her at 4 am after she’d made clear her intention to go to sleep. Shame on Rebecca for being incapable of reading minds! I mean, it’s so easy! Look at how many people can do it!

Luckily for Rebecca, there are some real mind readers out there to show her how it’s done.

What Watson did was extremely dickish, and contained a large dose of spite. She went for public humiliation over what was, by any reasonable assessment, a pretty minor faux pas in a private situation.

The issue is not that Watson brought up a brought up a posting she thought illustrated a damaging attitude. The issue is that Watson, knowing that McGraw was at the conference, decided to attempt to publicly shame her from her privileged position at the podium.

And one more, from Jerry Coyne:

The concentration on the word “bullying” here, and the assertion that it didn’t happen, simply distracts from the real issue: the obvious fact that Ms. Watson used the occasion of a talk that was supposed to be about something else to air a personal animus against a student, and to lump that student together, implicitly, with other people who had abused Ms. Watson and threatened her with rape. That whole digression was irresponsible and unprofessional, a solipsistic interlude that did not belong in the talk.

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Rebecca Watson sucks at reading minds
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    Interesting that you put your two cents in, but are withdrawing from the conversation immediately thereafter. But not before promoting your two cents, of course! I assume you’ve reached your personal STFU Station?

    You might want to read your comments on those posts. Or my own posts about privilege. I bet you’d be pleasantly surprised by how actually cogent I am about what the real problem is here, despite owning testicles! That is, if you’re doing anything other than looking for people to read your STFU posts.

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