Gay couple cage, beat adopted son to death in Chicago

Note to people coming from THIS POST CONTAINS HEAVY SARCASM. Read everything past the last blockquote. Jesus fuck, some people are dense.

Two incredible and incredibly synchronous events came across my feed reader today, events that may change my mind about a lot of things that I’ve blogged about in the past. This may be a relatively difficult post to get through, but bear with me.

It was recently discovered that thirteen-year-old Christian Choate was beaten to death in Chicago after years of physical and mental abuse by his (I presume adopted) parents, Riley Choate and Kimball Kubina. The gay couple removed Christian from school claiming to then home-school him, but instead kept him locked in the bathroom most of the time. They eventually upgraded his accomodations, locking him in a dog cage bought from a neighbor during the last year of Christian’s short life after Christian had made an escape attempt from the bathroom prison and was found and retrieved at the local drug store.

Even more disturbing than the simple fact of his incarceration were the home-schooling subjects Kubina gave to Christian to complete:

Kubina wrote topics on top of some of the pages including, “Why do you want to play with your peter? Why do you still want to see your mom? Why can’t you let the past go? What does it mean to be part of a family?” DCS records state.

Thankfully, this horrible mental abuse lasted only as long as it did before one of Riley’s blows mercifully ended Christian’s tortured existence. The family then buried Christian in a shallow grave, covered the grave with concrete, then moved to Kentucky where Christian’s disappearance would go unnoticed and his body undiscovered for two years. This is a brutal example of exactly how inhumane gay people can be, and it’s a sad testament to the state of families today if couples like this can get the license to adopt and destroy the lives of young children.

Meanwhile, in New York, gay marriage is now legal after a vote in a Republican state senate that can only be described as historic.

When New York’s state Senate passed the bill, 33-to-29, cheers of “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” erupted in the chamber. The historic vote followed an 80-to-63 vote in the state Assembly last week (the fourth time the lower house had passed a marriage equality bill) — and more than a week of parliamentary maneuvers by conservatives and Republicans to keep the bill from coming to a vote. In the end, the Senate passed the bill into law despite a Republican majority and despite the G.O.P. making gains in the 2008 election. Although gay marriage has yet to win a single statewide referendum, its legislative success in New York on Friday shows that it is quickly advancing in nearly every other way, from legal victories in California courts and throughout the federal judiciary to an increasingly enthusiastic ally in the White House.

I can’t help but think of all the damaged lives that will result if these inherently chaotic and depraved gay people continue making inroads — first they get marriage, then they get discrimination-free adoption, then they can kill all the babies that us breeders couldn’t care for in a disturbing display of social Darwinism. This truly is a slippery slope.

Thankfully, there are organizations like the National Organization of Marriage to defend sanity in this upside-down world. They’re pledging to devote $2 million to overturn this legalization of child-murder gay marriage “to make sure Republicans get this message loud and clear: Voting for gay marriage has consequences.” NOM operates in defense of traditional Christian values like marriage being only for men and women, who are then free to breed as stipulated by the Bible: “Go forth and multiply.” Since there’s no prerequisite for heterosexuals to have children, there’s nothing stopping them from having healthy, happy Christian children in this crazy world — so long as organizations like NOM exist to defend marriage’s inherent heterosexuality.

At least there’s some small glimmer of hope in this ridiculously backward world. Riley and Kimball were both charged:

Riley Choate and Kimberly Kubina have been charged with murder, battery, neglect of a dependent, confinement, obstruction of justice, moving a body from a death scene and failure to notify authorities of a dead body. They have both pleaded not guilty.



Now why did I read that as Kimball?

Carry on, those of you who came expecting Christians to stand up against the real villains in this world. Nothing to see here.

Gay couple cage, beat adopted son to death in Chicago

20 thoughts on “Gay couple cage, beat adopted son to death in Chicago

  1. 1

    Josef Fritzl imprisoned and raped his daughter. He was heterosexual yet no one is trying to make a link between heterosexuality and rape. There are evil groups in all demographic groups. This couple is evil. Not because they are same-sex, but because they’re evil.

  2. 4

    Stephanie tried to warn me that some people wouldn’t read the entire thing before flipping. I dunno if I should amend, though. Trolling is sort of the point of this post.

  3. 5

    Gay marriage ruins civilization. Look at Canada: gay marriage became legal, and a few years later the populace handed Stephen Harper’s Conservative party a majority government.
    Truly, “teh gay” is a horribly corrupting influence on society. Did you hear about that Christian couple (pick one) that abused their child? It never would have happened if homos weren’t parading their sexuality around shamelessly. Forget unregulated financial markets, the cause of the meltdown of the American economy was Neil Patrick Harris admitting he is a sodomite.
    Even the mere knowledge that homosexuals exist is enough to drive good Christian people to commit horrible acts. That is why gays need to be murdered in the streets: to protect us from their sin.

  4. 7

    Truly awesome post. You are going to get tons of trolls on this post decrying your treatment of homosexual rights. You might even get a few humourous trackbacks in from people using your post to prove how horrible homosexuality really is.
    Genius….I tip my hat to you.

  5. 9

    It is precisely because of things like this that we treat crimes as individual cases. Most people who would suggest such a thing do so arbitrarily.

  6. 10

    What made you think this was a gay couple? It is a heterosexual couple that had beating their kids for years. It is his farther who beat the boy and after he killed him he placed the bible in the plastic bag together with the boy’s body. How holy – revealing a true believer….

  7. 12

    First, I love the fact that most of you that are writing on this site are christian or catholic. TALK ABOUT THE BIGGEST SUPPORTER OF LITTLE BOY/GIRL MOLESTERS!!!PRIEST!! (SICK)

    ALSO,what about Anthony Hopkins, the preacher who killed his wife when she discovered that he was molesting a little girl??? Or Pastor Lambert and his wife caught molesting kids, Pastor Bob Gray caught molesting girls, Or Brian and Shannon Gore (straight couple) accused of killing there daughter, or Kevin and Elisabeth Schatz (christian couple) on trail for killing one of there ADOPTED children… THE LIST GOES ON PEOPLE!!! TALK ABOUT SICK!!!

    Oh WAIT!!! Let me guess this is okay to all of you in support of banning gay support, but let me guess all of these cases are okay to you people since they are straight and some of which are preachers of “Gods” ways.

    Second, It is SAD to think that at this day in age that there would even be discrimination against gay people. It is sad that with all the education available that people think like this.

    So what is your defense to these situations….. I CANT WAIT TO HEAR THIS!!!

  8. 17

    Why people keep defending gay’s when kid’s are involved is beyond me ! or saying these people were straight not gay ! how straight can they be ? seriously ! they were 2 gays/pedos that were living like a “normal ” people , but they were far from normal were they not ? give gays their rights ,whatever they may be , but do not give them the rights of innocent children !

  9. 18

    No, you completely misunderstood and this betrayed your prejudice for nothing, you fool. This was a heterosexual male and a heterosexual female in a relationship who abused their biological kids.

  10. 19

    Aus 50:
    Aside from your inability to read for comprehension, your unmasked hate is just the thing I need before bed (thats sarcasm by the way).

    Gay people, like ALL human beings, deserve to be treated equally, and not be subjected to bigotry and discrimination. Why? Go read up on Humanism and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    I know at the moment the liquid hate running through your veins makes it difficult to think rationally, but when you compose yourself, go read up on the statistics about pedophilia. You should also take a look at stats about homicide. The capacity to commit horrific acts is a human trait, not a gay one (after all, heterosexuals have killed a lot of people too).

    P.S. take your bigotry and get the fuck out. I take offense to your attempts to connect homosexuality with pedophilia. Douchebag.

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