Our salticid houseguest in high-def

Taken with my iPhone and edited to eliminate some blurry or non-spider parts of the video attempt. I’m not sure what variety of jumping spider (salticid) this is, but it’s awfully cute.

Shown next to a PS3 controller for scale. Uploaded in high-def, so feel free to up the resolution if you’d like to see it up close and personal.

Our salticid houseguest in high-def
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4 thoughts on “Our salticid houseguest in high-def

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    Beautiful! I think it might be a Platycryptus undatus. (See Platycryptus undatus on Wikipedia.)

    The Phidippus audax that we frequently have as guests are usually crawling on our ceiling. We have had Platycryptus undatus visit on occasion, though.

  2. 4

    I guess if you could ever classify a spider as “cute”, that one might qualify. Ever since I went to grab my goalie equipment bag out of the shed last week and discovered about fifty earwigs nesting under it, I’ve called a truce with any spiders I find in the yard. I will still destroy any Black Widows I find without compunction, however.

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