The cost of anti-vaccination

60 Minutes’ Australian show had this piece recently on the actual costs of the anti-vaccination movement.

I truly hope Andrew Wakefield feels terrible about what he’s done by inciting scared parents to do the exact opposite of what’s in the best interests of their children. And I am appalled that a person like Viera Scheibner apparently has so little self-awareness that she cannot realize she’s doing such a grave disservice to humanity by pretending to know more than those who adhere to science-based medicine. Meanwhile, Scheibner is a retired micropalentologist. A geologist, in other words. She studies fossils. What the living fuck does she know, if she thinks keeping children from getting whooping cough is actually doing them harm?

Children die from this retardery. Not fetuses, but CHILDREN. Human babies that are autonomous and potentially viable human beings. I don’t know if there’s any cross-section of people who believe abortion is evil and people who believe vaccines are evil, but this should hopefully win over people who believe every life is sacred — vaccines save countless lives. Being antivax is being anti-life.

The cost of anti-vaccination

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    I can’t find any reference to this on the internet, but I would bet lots of money that Viera Scheibner is an anthroposophist (spiritual teachings of Rudolf Steiner). She’s parroting the same stuff that I used to hear when I was involved with Anthroposophy when I was in my twenties.

    There’s a whole spiritual worldview behind their objections, which they don’t acknowledge publicly. Vaccines disturb the “etheric forces” which form the body as it grows. Scheibner mentioned the previous use of “ground up monkey kidneys”, because that meant injecting the etheric forces of a monkey into a child’s still developing etheric body and scrambling it irrevocably. And synthetic vaccines probably aren’t much better, created as they are using materialistic and mechanistic thought forms. Any science will be rejected because it doesn’t recognize function of the etheric.

    Children need to be “supported” through an illness, allowing their immune system to grow strong in fighting off illness. “Suppressing the symptoms” actually weakens the child’s immune system….And a quick search confirms that, yes, she promotes homeopathy.

    Then of course there’s a good dose of “everything happens for a reason”, “the child attracts these experiences”, etc etc. This is what happens when woo doesn’t know to stop. It meets other woo and they combine to produce deadly forms of toxic Stupid.

    Here in Germany, both homeopathy and anthroposophical medicine are exempted from the testing normally necessary for medicines & practices to have medical status. They support each other nicely.

    (I also used to live in northern New South Wales in Australia, where it was mentioned, 1 in 5 kids are carriers of whooping cough. That stat doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Lots of nice people poisoned by nice sounding new age ideas.)

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