The problem with Christians throwing Camping under the Rapture-bus

I’ve noticed, in the wake of the massive Rapture failure this weekend, a number of Christians jumping to dissociate themselves from Harold Camping and his failed prediction (which, by the way, he’s revised to the “end of the world” day, claiming merciful God is skipping the Tribulation altogether, and is just going to end the universe wholesale on October 21st).

I have a few problems with this. First, why do people love the idea of armageddon so much that they desperately desire it? Seriously, this is what they WANT.

Click this image for another major problem I have with this whole endeavour.

(Via someplace on the intertubes. Not my work. But damn funny. And damn true.)

The problem with Christians throwing Camping under the Rapture-bus

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    I see your point here. There seems to be some inconsistency in the way we convey information. In other words, in your eyes, what is the difference when someone says “May 21st” and “Someday it will happen.” Some Christians will say that Camping is making us all look bad by predicting the future of the world, but that we are excluded from that image because we believe it will just happen some day.

    The larger problem, for me at least, has nothing to do with the end of the world and the rapture. In fact, the rapture shouldn’t even be discussed at this point. The whole Left Behind series has seriously misconstrued what Christianity actually says, even though it will still be unbelievable to you.

    I proudly admit that I do in fact believe in the end of the age. First because I sincerely do and second because I couldn’t be a Christian unless I did. But this whole obsession with the world being torn into pieces and what not is really made up by Hollywood. True, the Bible does state that there will be things that will happen that will be disastrous. However, people have seemingly believed how Hollywood portrays it and not what they ought to see it as.

    I hear Christians say, “I can’t wait to leave the world behind!,” then I must ask, “Why?” Because we’re not leaving it behind, we will be living in it even after the end of the age. There is a reason why in the Lord’s prayer Jesus says, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”

    He didn’t say, “Father, we can’t wait until this earth is destroyed so we can go up there!”

    The end of the age is in fact heaven coming to earth and the old earth passing away and the the new earth being inaugurated. This is a huge contention I have with my peers because they have been conditioned to believe in our 21st century way of “end of the world.” Well, I always default to how the earliest believers saw it because that it the closest I can get to the truth of how we’re (Christians) are supposed to see it.

    See “Apocalyptic Language” on this page, by N.T. Wright and you’ll get the drift. If you want of course.

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