Important events on this day in history

378 years ago today, Galileo was convicted of heresy for the crime of contradicting Catholic teachings about geocentrism with his heliocentric model.

56 years ago today, Jonas Salk’s Polio vaccine was declared to be safe and effective, ensuring the safety of infinity billion children.

50 years ago today, Yuri Gagarin made the first manned space flight in human history, dipping humanity’s toe into the ocean of space. He is quoted as saying while in orbit, “I looked and looked and I didn’t see God” (commonly mistranslated as “I see no God up here”).

Some unspecified number of years thereafter, I was born.


No, but seriously, happy birthday, me.

Important events on this day in history
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7 thoughts on “Important events on this day in history

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    I shall raise a mug of homebrewed English-Canadian Bitters to your health, Jason! But I won’t be thinking of you when I’m at Video Games Live tomorrow…

  2. 7

    Yeah, he could have *almost* been as awesome as me. Best he got is National Heroes Day in Costa Rica.

    Hitchens was born April 13th, 1949. Haw haw. He’s off by a day too!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes folks. 😀

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