Daniel Craig in drag for sexual equality

And he doesn’t look half bad. Too bad M doesn’t make a very good case for Craig to keep his lady kit on in explaining all the problems women have to deal with in today’s society.

I like the message. I think it could certainly have been cropped down significantly (and probably was for the televised part), or Craig could have said something back in character, but otherwise, well done.

Daniel Craig in drag for sexual equality
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5 thoughts on “Daniel Craig in drag for sexual equality

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    Can I give my Christian perspective?

    I think that “sexual equality” in terms of the sorts of rights people are free to have is something that we should all be sensitive about. I take no pleasure in any individual being treated in such a way that is different simply because of their sexual orientation or gender. A homosexual man or woman has every right, within his or her free will, to do what he/she pleases without the worry of being ostracized. This doesn’t mean I am admitting the “rightness” of their lifestyle, but rather their freedom to be who they want to be. As a Christian, my love should reign supreme towards those people (and it does) and if they so chose to reject my lifestyle view and me likewise, then so be it, we can still be loving friends.

    Here is my point of contention with this video. What I don’t like is the “blending” of roles and the agenda of making equality mean “there really is no difference.” Of course there are and to make this truth “gray” so to speak is really just way for people to make a life that isn’t functionally normal (in the natural way) not seem so taboo. Be who you are going to be, fine, but don’t push us in a corner and try to get us to accept a worldview that opposes an obvious truth–men and women are different and homosexuality, in any form, is not its own gender.

    🙂 cheers

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    Daniel, unless you are obsessed with reproductive anatomy to the extent that it *is* the person, and blind to the effects of culture, then no, it’s not obvious that men and women are significantly different. Nor is there anything in that video to suggest that you need to deal with homosexuality in any way. That came out of your head, not the video.

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    Daniel, I really do appreciate that you sympathize with “love should reign supreme”. I don’t know that I agree at all with the idea that there are exactly two genders. Given that gender is entirely a societal construct (as divorced from sex, which is “what bits do you have in your pants”), and that religious upbringing and adoption in a particular society has a lot to do with how gender is perceived, I think your religious views may be coloring your perception of gender very heavily here.

    I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing that there are gender “norms”, given that we do need to procreate and that does generally take a sperm donor and a fetus incubator. I’m saying, however, that people don’t naturally fit into a binary gender structure any better than people being pushed into one of two pigeonholes. If people don’t fit right, you could damage them pushing them into those holes. Look at all those virulently anti-gay senators or pastors that always turn out to be gay themselves (spewing hatred because of self-loathing, because they’ve internalized the false dichotomy of gender).

    Since humans like to categorize stuff so much, it seems fitting if we, instead of forcing people into two categories, actually examine the spectrum and develop categories appropriate to what genders they actually have / adopt. The Benjamin scale is a better scale to use than the “man/woman” binary construct.

    And to what Steph mentioned — this has nothing to do with homosexuality. My entire rant is a digression from the actual topic, which is women’s equality. Women are treated unequally due to society, which is, again, heavily influenced by the society’s prevailing religion. Unless you can rise above your own religious views and look at society objectively, it’s not terribly easy for someone in your situation to properly assess sociological concepts like gender or equality.

    Again, I’m not saying that you’re incapable of it. I’m saying your religious views are hamstringing your objectivity.

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    I am most certainly aware of how my religious views are “coloring” a possible objective reality here. In fact, I’m pretty sure my spirituality colors a lot of what I think or have an opinion about.

    I’m not ignorant to it. I suppose I brought up an issue that perhaps the video didn’t even touch on and I was sort of impulsive in making comments.

    I believe there is a distinction and that there is a functional purpose each gender. I guess my point was that sometimes in measuring equality we miss functionality. Since, in my opinion, God is interested in functionality, to stray from that isn’t working within the correct framework.

    What is more interesting is that I can argue from Holy Scripture to say that men and women are in fact equals:

    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Gal 3:28)


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