You’ve got to be carefully taught

The post from yesterday with the Rodgers and Hammerstein song was, surprisingly, not taken down due to infringement on the copyright owners for the musical South Pacific, nor of the performers of the song that was used in any way. Instead, it was taken down by Channel 1 Images, who claimed copyright on a specific photo of a Tea Party rally. The Fair Use doctrine explicitly allows using images for political commentary or for educational or criticism purposes. It seems to me the use of the image of the Tea Party rally in question expressly falls under that jurisdiction, and the takedown notice was extremely likely to have been an abuse of the DMCA to quash dissenting political opinion.

Which is understandable, because it’s pretty damning how endemic to the politics of the right-wing the eliminationist and isolationist rhetoric actually is. I strongly doubt the earnestness of anyone who comes out of listening to this Youtube video thinking the current far-right-wing nutbags, who dominate every news cycle for the past several years, is anything but a product of careful teaching and extraordinary effort.

Luckily the video’s author nicolesandler recompiled it, replacing the image in question, stating that she does not believe the takedown notice was in any way merited. To her I say: you and me both.

You’ve got to be carefully taught
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3 thoughts on “You’ve got to be carefully taught

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    Those bastards. Since the image in question was removed, they must be claiming copyright over all images of right-wing personalities who happen to spout eliminationist rhetoric.

    I’ve left a comment on Nicole Sandler’s Youtube profile asking if she would be willing to make a copy with just the sound, without any of the images that they could possibly claim copyright over, just to see if they try to pull that stunt again.

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