Maddow’s uncut interview of Jon Stewart

This is an absolutely excellent interview in a lot of ways, and I can’t help but wonder what today’s political arena would be like if every discussion was even within the same ballpark of rationality as this discussion.

I side more with Maddow — the false equivalence meme has more traction than it deserves by rights of how untrue it is. But Stewart is great at articulating, and clarifying, his positions. And not just that, but making sure that HIS words are understood correctly, rather than trying to reinterpret Maddow’s. It’s ultimately a discussion I’d like to multiply by a billion. That would be political nirvana.

Maddow’s uncut interview of Jon Stewart

3 thoughts on “Maddow’s uncut interview of Jon Stewart

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    I’d love to see a chat with Jon and Noam Chomsky. That stuff about how Fox sets themselves up as the ‘Fair and Balanced’ persecuted middle of the road is similar to Chomsky’s view of the US Media in General. It is slightly left of center, but that creates a natural barrier. It’s easy to excuse media for not taking a harder line if they’re already perceived as ‘left’.

    Also agree very strongly with Jon- I’m absolutely sick of ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ being used as epithets.

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    That was terrific, thanks for posting it Jason. I think I got into watching Maddow from your blog, many months ago.

    Terrific interview where it was neither a mutual appreciation talk, nor a fight to score victory. That was enthralling television.

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