I’m scicurious!

Uh, but not, you know, THE Scicurious. Check out this awesome shirt I picked up from Sci’s new MERCHANDIZE OF AWESOME AND WIN. Catchy title! Art is by Glendon Mellow, the Flying Trilobite, making this the first bit of Glendon’s art I own, and given that it’s a caffeine molecule, I pretty much had no choice in whether I dropped the meager sum of money on it.

I picked this one because it was green. I didn’t realize how much green I’d be getting for my money. Oh well!

I’m scicurious!
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23 thoughts on “I’m scicurious!

  1. 7

    If I were to combine the shirt, my housecoat and the thong, the added boost to sexterity would be like dividing by zero. I’d create a black hole of sexy. Centred on my crotch.

  2. 8

    I don’t have enough data to decide which would be preferrable. I think we need pics. And a poll.

    I do understand the risk of a black hole, but the LHC has made me much more blase about that sort of thing. I’m willing to risk it. If you guys want to wimp out, though, he could always leave out the shirt and the housecoat. If that would help.

  3. 11

    Okay, now I don’t know what to comment on next. Should I geek out along with Stephanie and say something about how we should task Jason with obtaining all three objects in order to run experiments to see if he can truly bring about Armageddeon, or should I just go Barrens Chat and mention that if it’s centered on Jason’s crotch, that would be a superminiscule black hole?

    At any rate, I don’t think I have enough brain bleach to recover if Jason supplies this thread with pics. Especially if he’s just in the thong.

  4. 13

    Might wanna unsubscribe, then, sinned34, just in case I decide to unite the unholy triumverate of sexterity-boosting clothing. If it happens, it’ll get posted right here. πŸ˜€

  5. 14

    As a non-betting man, I’ll call your bluff on that one! I’ll wager we’ll see those photos around the same time as the release of Duke Nukem Forever. (For the record: I’m aware that they’ve announced a release of early 2011 – but like the return of Jesus, I’ll believe it when I see the damned thing!)

  6. 15

    Considering Gearbox owns it now, and Gearbox made Borderlands, and Borderlands is freaking sweet, it’s a hell of a lot more likely than Jesus. By two orders of magnitude. DNF is only 15 years late. Jesus is almost two thousand years late.

  7. 16

    I gotta remember to pick up Borderlands. I wonder what Jesus’ Return would look like if Gearbox or Valve picked up the rights to The Second Coming. I’d probably plunk $50 down to buy that, even though it probably wouldn’t be as awesome as a Scicurious thong.

    As an aside: the email updates regarding this discussion is having interesting effects on the advertisements coming up in Gmail for me. I had no idea you could buy military surplus men’s briefs, but then I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at what’s available for purchase on the internet.

  8. 17

    Ok, that’s just disturbing. I mean I think you should totally go for the thong, but the imagery of a Canukistanian black hole crotch is just fucking wrong.

  9. 19

    I don’t have enough data to decide which would be preferrable.

    Oh, Commando’s just the thing. Unless it is up against a Scicurious thong. Not that I would wear a thong (briefs are rather too “forward” for me), but on someone else – even a Canuckistanian, they would totally rock.

  10. 20

    I have never missed a point in my life. The problem is that sometimes people mistakenly believe that the point was something other than what I know it to be.

  11. 21

    Sci, I think you need to negotiate with Jason about doing a calendar of people sporting your tat design. For charity or some other plausibly good excuse for modelly-cavorting.

  12. 22

    Nah, nah, the “Scicurious” thing is real! I really DO exist. πŸ™‚

    However, I also feel blase since the LHC and desire a pic of LousyCanuck in his man panties. He can wear the boyshort if he is worried about wedgies.

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