Help a nerd get a scholarship

The Blogging Scholarship finalist badge -- I'm not actually a finalist. I just think it looks pretty!

Christie Wilcox of Observations of a Nerd, PhD student in cell and microbiology, is a finalist in a $10,000 blogging scholarship competition for student bloggers. She is, sadly, the only representative that blogs about science, and therefore is the obvious candidate to support at first glance. The competition is based on who has the best essay, of course, so please read them before you choose Christie.

I know, I am probably grossly biased in this request, and I know you will recognize such. Frankly, I don’t mind. The competition is partially comprised of three theological blogs (one of which being libertarian), a blog about bathroom art, a blog about the Minnesota Twins, and a blog that, by all appearances, reviews only MAC brand makeup. That last, by the way, has 61% of the vote at time of writing.

The point of giving scholarships to students, is to encourage them in their field of study. It’s to boost that field. While the rest of the finalists blog about stuff well outside their chosen fields, science is still the only field represented here that is worth encouraging, in my estimation. If you agree, Christie obviously needs your support right now if she has a hope in hell of beating the front runner. Please pass it along. And don’t forget to vote!

Help a nerd get a scholarship
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6 thoughts on “Help a nerd get a scholarship

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    Is anyone up for starting a scholarship fund for anyway? As always, I vote with my wallet as well as my time, and I think she deserves it based on the quality of her work. And part of my really likes the idea of sending a message to all those kids writing about fields outside of their intended study. 🙂 Iv everyone who voted for her PayPal’d a dollar she’d double her scholarship.

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    Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate you and all the other bloggers out there rallying behind me.

    And Mitchell – I like the way you think 😉

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