Remember Zdenny?

Remember our favorite pet troll’s prediction that I’d be shut down within a month? Remember how that happened on January 24th? Well, I just celebrated my 8-month anniversary of having not been shut down. Meanwhile, what’s his site look like now?

I have to admit, it’s a huge improvement. Shame he didn’t even last long enough for the Internet Wayback Machine to have archived a copy though, so I could prove what a difference the new site design is, both in terms of relevance and aesthetics.

Remember Zdenny?

5 thoughts on “Remember Zdenny?

  1. 1

    I had a zdenny problem on my site, too, for awhile. I had noticed he was gone: I am sure he would have plenty to say about recent goings-on!

    I love zdenny’s new site. That’s quite an improvement over the old one. 🙂

  2. 2

    As you know, Zdenny led me here in the first place, via Laura’s blog, via CWH via He Lives, and I could go on for hours. Z-denny was always good for some fun. I’m glad his prophesy remains unfulfilled. Happy eight month anniversary Jason, and many more….

  3. Jim

    I had a Zdenny infestation on my blog too. Oddest little man I’ve ever known. He would post long rambling screeds that would perfectly contradict something he’d said earlier and when you pointed it out he’d get all fire and brimstone on you. Most entertaining. Only problem is you can’t really satirise something which is already dark, although @JoeCienkowski makes a good attempt at it.

  4. 5

    Yeah, I noticed quite a while ago that he had deleted his site, it is good to see that something has risen from the interether to improve things.

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