Twilight: Breaking Dawn in under 1m30s

I should probably warn you that this is full of spoilers for Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Everything that happens in the video, I shit you not, is canonical. As the movie’s title says, This Actually Happens In Twilight: Breaking Dawn.


Hat tip to Rebecca Watson at No, wait, not hat tip. “I hate you.” The less I know about Stephanie Meyer’s masturbatory Mormon vampire fantasies, the better.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn in under 1m30s
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3 thoughts on “Twilight: Breaking Dawn in under 1m30s

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    Because yeah, I was totally going to watch that and now you fucking ruined it for me.

    If given the choice between having my spleen removed without anesthesia and reading or watching this series, I would opt for the former…

    On the upside, this does seem like awfully decent reading and viewing for those “tweener” girls. I mean there is a marriage before that baby, which makes it all ok.

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