This is why I dislike Maher

Yes, he’s an atheist, so he’s got the right idea about mythology. But he sure didn’t replace that aspect of his worldview with a love of science.

No, when you deny the germ theory of disease, you’re proving that you’ve come by your knowledge of this world by ignoring vast tracts of human progress and ignoring equally vast tracts of evidence derived from objective observation of reality.

Being right about religion doesn’t get you a free pass. You don’t get to urinate on the only worthwhile human endeavour just because you happen to believe that all humans are cynical and profiteering, without earning my ire.

The Youtube video poster, C0nc0rdance, notes in the details for the video that he messed up the bit about osteopaths. Evidently there’s as many quack osteopaths as there are chiropractors outside of North America. But for that, I can give him a pass, since he noted as much.

(And it’s an easy mistake to make, considering I know there are still quack chiropractors in North America who don’t just provide physiotherapy, but rather believe they can fix everything by cracking your joints. Including your neck. Which has directly led to people being paralyzed or dying. But, you know, what’s the harm in chiropracty? Or for that matter, osteopathy?)

This is why I dislike Maher
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4 thoughts on “This is why I dislike Maher

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    Oh come on now, everybody knows that diseases are caused by bad humors and that being diseased is what causes germs to happen. Just like it is so fucking obvious that gravity is just a bunch of bullshit, foisted on us by the establishment. We stick to the planet because of folds in space time, with quantums in. As for that ridiculous notion that we have atoms in and are made up of tiny little bits – pure fucking bullshit. I mean we don’t go around causing massive nuclear annihilation do we? We don’t just fall apart all the time, do we?

    DO WE!!??!?!?

    So what the fuck do you have to say about that sciency nerd guy?!!?!?!?!? Yeah, you just try to explain why we don’t explode, if we have all that atomic stuff in, or why, if we’re made up of tiny bits, we don’t fall apart. I mean I suppose that the quantums might be able to hold us together, but that seems a bit far fetched to me. After all, those quantums are busy folding space time and keeping us stuck to the planet.

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    And if THAT didn’t blow your mind, think about THIS. What’s inside all our cells? DNA. What’s DNA stand for? Deoxyribonucleic acid. ACID. What does acid do? It fucking melts shit!

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    It’s amazing how you can have a totally rational conversation with a completely rational person, and suddenly they pull some shit like this out. I had an atheist/skeptic co-worker who started telling me about this book she was reading, and how it was changing her approach to things. It was sounding like, and so I finally asked, “That sounds like ‘The Secret’?” Her face brightened, “Yes!”.


    So, what really freaks me out is: what is my cognitive dissonance? And when you guys tell me will I believe you?

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