Our place in the universe

I appear to have caught a cold at the convention. Not just a cold, but a horrible chest-devouring doom plague. I’m guessing patient zero was the lady who was coughing on the back of my neck through the Science and the Media panel, and on every single other science-track panel during the con. Also, my laptop’s CPU fan has started making a godawful squeal in the heat wave we’ve been experiencing (which followed us back to NS, as it was hot and humid like this through our stay in Minnesota last week). I’ve sprayed into the heatsink vent with a compressed air canister hoping that’ll cool it down long enough to pump out this post, but the heat’s already building, I can feel it.

Between that, Red Dead Redemption, and actually doing some honest-to-goodness writing for a super-secret project with some of my heroes(!!), I’m a little short on time here. Sorry for neglecting you, my blogospheric bretheren. Here, have another interesting Youtube video. Carter Emmart at TED Talks, demoing a 3D model of our place in the universe. Things get logarithmic pretty quick.


Our place in the universe
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3 thoughts on “Our place in the universe

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    Congratulations. You have completed the full con experience by coming down with con crud (yes, it has a name, although it isn’t just one thing). You have the distinction of sharing the crud with several of the Skepchicks.

    Feel better soon.

  2. 2

    Well that makes me feel much better. Misery loves company and all that. Hopefully those hacking fits I had right before we left weren’t infectious, I’d hate to think I spread con crud to you fine folks as a parting gift.

    Cripes, time to shut the laptop down. Good thing it’s under warranty. What a howl!

  3. 3

    Given that most of the folks who caught con crud were from out of town and that it appears to involve lots of coughing, I think it’s what was going around during most of June, which means Ben and I both already had it. I think we’re good. Otherwise, the plane ride and a few days in dry, dry air would have brought it out.

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