Comic book film nerdgasm

Hat tip to “MovieBob” Chipman, who connects the dots. You better believe that my nerd heart is all a-flutter about the very thought of a movie about… uh, spoilers. Watch the video.

Comic book film nerdgasm

3 thoughts on “Comic book film nerdgasm

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    It’s a total pipe dream, but I wish there could be a final battle against whatever at the end of Avengers where they call Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Michael Chiklis (The Thing), Tobey Maguire (Spifer-Man) and hell yeah, Jennifer Garner (Elektra) to come and help them out. Ben Affleck too. Yeah.

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    Don’t leave out the rest of the Fantastic Four! And they wouldn’t have to necessarily use Chiklis or Maguire for the acting parts, they could entirely CG them. Or, instead of Maguire, whoever they use for Spider-Man in the reboot they’re about to do on it. Since I never liked Tobey as Parker.

    What would be amazing, to me, is a movie based on Civil War. It would maybe make a better TV miniseries or something, though. Too many characters, too little time.

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