How many terrorists will benefit from health care reform?

It’s amazing to me that everyone’s getting all bent out of shape about America finally being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the present-day reality that health care works better when the vultures standing between you and your doctors (e.g. the insurance companies) are put into some measure of check. I mean, really. You don’t have a single-payer “socialist” program like Canada (or your own Medicare) now (no, seriously — you really don’t). Instead, you just have the same old setup with some SMALL limitations on the money-gouging that the insurance companies can do. If you don’t believe me, look at this Wikipedia article on the ad. The entire thing is about regulating those corporations that are abusing you and your freedoms daily. What’s more, this reform will actually reduce your budget deficit by 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS over the next 20 years. And yet, if anything, this reform falls far short of the mark by propping up the current health insurance industry, rather than overshooting the mark and landing in socialist totalitarian nightmare area like some of you loons seem to believe.

And I say “some”, rather than “most”, for a very good reason. It seems the majority of Americans favor this reform now that it’s passed. The reason? Now that it’s passed, the media is free to explain what it actually does. For instance, here’s an article explaining to those of you that are over fifty (who were whipped into a frenzy of “keep your socialism out of our socialist Medicare” by the usual suspects) what effects the reform will actually have. Factually. Without Glenn Beck foaming at the mouth about Maoists in the White House or whatever.

Despite the fact that the majority of you actually support health care reform, the True Patriots of the Tea Party are busy churning the hate machine with increased vigor. Some quotes?

Take Steve Driehaus, for example, he may be a dead man. He can’t go home to the west side of Cincinnati.

-John Boehner

I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous . . . Thomas Jefferson told us, ‘Having a revolution every now and then is a good thing.’ We are at the point of revolution.

Michele Bachmann

“Don’t Retreat, Instead RELOAD!”

Everyone’s favorite helicopter wolf hunter / astronaut (because she can see the moon from her backyard) Sarah Palin

It’s truly getting scary out there. Because of these words, coming from people that (for some unfathomable reason) are respected and beloved in the right-wing nutosphere, people are being threatened with violence. Intimidation. Using terror to achieve political goals. Bricks through windows are as radical as bombs under burkas, and these people don’t understand that the very terrorists they’ve been so quick to give up civil liberties to fight in the past are barely capable of any more violence than they’re achieving. What’s worse, the terrorists, because of this, kinda sorta technically win. Because they’ve lit the powderkeg that is the very nearly radicalized right-wing theocrats, by stripping from them the sense of decorum that keeps us all from going apeshit and destroying stuff to get our way, and in doing so, reshaped an entire movement to look uncannily like themselves.

It’s even gotten to the point where the radicals are having trouble distinguishing whom to target, having apparently shot out two Republican office windows. In light of the anti-establishment, anti-Democratic sentiment of these terrorists, it’s hard to conceive that these events are anything but false-flag to provide political cover to the Republicans, or total boneheadedness by the terrorists. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt — perhaps they’re mad at Eric Cantor for totally blowing the attempt to halt the popular and much-needed reform.

I can see why. David Frum has now famously admitted that the Republicans went “all-in” trying to destroy Obama’s administration by stopping health care reform, and in so doing, busted themselves when they failed. But they’re going to keep trying, by shutting down the government unilaterally, Bunning-style, and when that inevitably fails, by continuing their present tactic of fomenting terrorism by claiming this reform as unconstitutional and tyrannical. While rapidly trying to spin away any of those past instances of supporting the very reforms they’re excoriating now.

You Tea Partiers are a goddamn bunch of hypocrites and barely literate idiots who are being manipulated by cynical politicians that are in actuality wholly owned subsidiaries of the health insurance industry. And how many of you will benefit from the very bogeyman you’re fighting? Every fucking one of you. Despite your attempts at vulgarizing and coarsening the discourse, and when that fails, by terrorizing the people trying to have this discourse, some of the lives that will be saved by the destruction of the status quo Murder-By-Spreadsheet will be your own.

Tell them, Keith.

How many terrorists will benefit from health care reform?