“Girls brains are much stupider than mens are…”

“… so they should always listen to us coz WE’RE SMART!”

WikiwikiWHAT!? Break it down!

I was a pedantic dick to @dELYSEius on Twitter today, teasing her over her choice of words in a tweet immediately after she said she was going to find out the sex of her baby today (and not her baby’s GENDER, which she’ll rightly wait 10-20 years to allow it to form itself). Anyway, in the course of the conversation I promised to post this video as atonement for my lack of hilarity. So here it is.

It’s kinda catchy, actually. And I dance just like him!

“Girls brains are much stupider than mens are…”
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3 thoughts on ““Girls brains are much stupider than mens are…”

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    After all, it’s hard to dislike someone who creates Nerdtacular lyrics like the following:

    Like the Contra code
    That he really doesn’t like
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
    then B, A, B, A, Select, Start
    You got thirty lives
    He says that’s just for pussies
    Who don’t know how to fight

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