Some more Formspring questions for fun.

Here’s a few more Formspring questions. Go ahead, ask me anything. Box is to the left.

What is your favorite type of weather?

Much as I dislike snowing, I adore snow at night. When the snow is big and fluffy, and the cloud cover reflects the ambient light from town making the whole night almost as bright as dusk, with a pretty pink hue. It’s probably the only time the light pollution from human civilization doesn’t bother me.

Why does it hurt when I pee?

In all likelihood, an STD, resultant from someone’s peepee being put where it shouldn’t have been. And since I know the person that wrote this question is Clifton, this answer is without a doubt accurate and correct.

Who Is Your Favorite Person On Big Bang Theory, And If You Had To Pick Who Would Be Most Likely A Lot Like You On The Show?

I’ve only seen one episode, sadly. But I’m definitely not OCD, just nerdy. And hot. So, you pick.

Have you forgotten to do something today?

Yeah, I haven’t posted on my blog yet. I’m trying to make a post-a-day. I could just syndicate a bunch of questions, I guess, but that would be cheating. (I’ll probably do it anyway.)

What is your favourite location up in the great white north?

Home. Absolutely. I’ve been to Toronto and have seen all the tourist traps, and I’ve been all over Nova Scotia, and there’s some really beautiful spots if you know where to look, but I am most comfortable and happiest when I’m at home.

Take Off, eh?

Just cause it’s got a question mark at the end, doesn’t make it a question, you hoser.

Which is your favorite punctuation mark?

That’s like asking a parent which child they like best. Though, I have a particular fondness for the em-dash ( — ). Don’t tell the comma or semicolon!

How did you get to be so damn good looking?

I don’t really think I have much to do with it — it’s mostly genes after all. However, I try to stay fit and well-groomed, and I’ve had to work on my self-confidence quite a bit after it was totally wrecked through high school — and sexiness is mostly attitude, so that probably has something to do with it.

Some more Formspring questions for fun.
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8 thoughts on “Some more Formspring questions for fun.

  1. A

    You must watch more Big Bang Theory!

    I mean:

    Have you considered watching more Big Bang Theory?

    Hmm… I’m just testing out some punctuation marks here; however, they’re all beautiful.

  2. 3

    Since writing that, I’ve watched every episode. Well, up til the second Wil Wheaton one — if there have been more since then, I haven’t seen them yet.

  3. 4

    OMG, Big Bang Theory is the best shoooooow ever. I love Sheldon, but I’m team Leonard, if you’ve seen recent episodes you would understand the ‘team leonard’ thing. heh 😀

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