RCimT: Lazy Sunday

I’m going to do a very brief Sunday catch-up — not because I have any specific plans, but because I’m feeling the need to have a lazy day today.

Amazingly, only 14.6% of philosophers are theists. This despite theism dealing directly with philosophy! This implies that the vast majority of theists do not actually “think about” the big questions. Considering personal experience, this isn’t honestly a surprise. If you’re looking for philosophy, you’d probably want to visit DuWayne’s place over, say, Zdenny’s, anyway, considering he’s obviously incapable of philosophy.

An insightful article over at Atheist Revolution explores how Christians have accidentally secularized Christmas, in an attempt at getting their specific beliefs institutionalized. Hoisted by their own petards, methinks.

The Catholic Church has apparently succeeded in scaring distributors away from His Dark Materials, so those of you that enjoyed the movie version of The Golden Compass are probably up for a very, VERY long wait before the next movie. Sigh. So why exactly do Catholics get to force their morality on us, such that the only movies we get to see are Catholic-approved ones?

Mike Haubrich cross-posted Asking Clarifying Questions over to Quiche Moraine while his blog at Tangled Up in Blue Guy is temporarily locked down. Just in case any of you were looking to get at last week’s Sunday RCimT links.

I just discovered Bailey the Bookworm put up a separate blog for her adventures in atheism. I can’t handle multiple blogs, personally… I can barely keep up a one-post-a-day schedule at the one place I have now!

News flash: even more evidence that the Shroud of Turin, having been made in 1600CE to fool some theist king, can’t possibly be Jesus’.

Ophelia Benson answers “is the aggressiveness of New Atheism a turnoff for women?”. Considering she’s both a woman and a so-called “New Atheist”, she’s obviously eminently qualified to answer the question.

Daylight Atheism has an ongoing debunking of The Case for a Creator. I don’t know why anyone would bother with debunking the book, since it’s a total non-sequiteur to say “here’s how science is flawed, therefore the Judeo-Christian god Yahweh is obviously the answer” when you could just let all the religions duke it out and stay above the fray to inherit this blasted Earth after they’re all done warring with each other. Oh, that’s right, because we atheists understand that this Earth is the only one we get, and we kinda want to protect it.

Now, I have to go enjoy my day off. Have an unblessedly lazy Sunday, folks!

RCimT: Lazy Sunday
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